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The Changing Age of Entertainment: Bringing the Cinema Home

Kolla filmer & serier på Netflix med Philips HD-mediespelare HMP2000

With fuel costs seemingly constantly on the rise, the cost of movie tickets and snacks, it’s understandable why some people are looking to get their movie entertainment without leaving home. So what are the options today for kicking it on your own couch?

Streaming and Rental Services

Options like Netflix and Redbox make it simple to watch recently released movies in your living room. Netflix also offers a substantial collection of new and older TV shows. Many of today’s entertainment systems – streaming boxes, DVD players, computers, tablets, etc.  – can work directly with Netflix’s streaming services, allowing you to enjoy their digital media on a variety of devices.

DirecTV’s Mobile App

DirecTV, the satellite television giant, anticipated people like us when they developed the “DIRECTV Everywhere” app for iPad and Android smartphones. Watch your favorite movies and programs wherever you are, at your convenience.

DIRECTV Everywhere

If you’re a subscriber of DirecTV, you can get the free DIRECTV Everywhere app, opening a new world of mobile entertainment. It works as advertised and is simple to use and navigate. Watch movies and show wherever you are, whenever you want, on your iPad or smartphone.

5 Roku 2 XS Features You Should Know About

The Roku is well-known for its streaming media capabilities, but that’s not all this versatile device is known for. If you have never explored the extended capabilities of your Roku player, you’re missing out. From playing your own media to using the box to check your social networking profiles, you’ll get far more use out of the box once you’ve read this.

Review: Able Planet Clear Harmony SI1000 Sport Earphones

Able Planet SI1000Able Planet recently sent me a pair of their Clear Harmony SI1100 sport earphones featuring their LINX AUDIO technology to test out. These are in-ear earphones with a twist, they have rubber hooks or arms that rotate into place behind your ears to keep the earbuds in place. If you’ve ever worn plain in-ear cans, you’ll know they eventually wiggle out no matter how tightly or far in you shove them, especially if you’re doing something active.

Going to College? Make Sure These Gadgets Are In Your Bag

If you’re heading off to college for the first time, it’s essential that you know what you need to take with you. If you’re already in college, you may find that things are a bit lacking, but can’t quite put your finger on what. Technological gadgets are an absolute must for the modern college student, but which should you pack and which should you leave behind?

We’ve made the decision an easy one! Here are our top five gadgets no college student should be without:

My New MacBook

1. Laptop

Sure, you can use your Kindle Fire as a quasi-tablet, and yes, you may have an iPad, but, when it comes down to it, nothing is going to serve you better in college than a laptop. Thanks to their popularity, and the shrinking use of home desktops, laptops are more affordable than ever. From taking notes to completing assignments; listening to music to watching videos, a laptop offers everything you need in one compact piece of machinery.

Apple's podcasting icon

The History of the Podcast and its Ties to RSS Feeds

Apple's podcasting iconWhen the iPod was introduced and people discovered how great it was for playing music, it became obvious that it could be used for playing other types of audio files as well.

What is today called a podcast traces its origins to a form of distributed MP3 files that could be downloaded and played on Apple’s popular music player. Some hackers got their hands on an iPod, reverse engineered it and loaded on it different firmware and operating systems. Others, however, took the simpler route of sharing sound files that could be played on the iPod itself.


Why Hasn’t 3D-TV Taken Off?

Image courtesy of LGEPR

Technology has the ability to enrich our lives and at a furious pace of change. It used to be true that a new product, especially one of an electronic genre, would require as much as one generation, or about twenty years, to be fully absorbed into the mainstream of life. Radio, television, and even personal computers fell in line with this general rule of thumb. But in today’s ultra-modern age of the Internet, Google, and Facebook, the accelerator has been floored.

One case in point is HDTV. This new technology went through all of the stages of early adoption even with high launch prices, continued interest while prices fell, and then full adoption by consumers, manufacturers, and network content providers in the span of only five years. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2010, purveyors of upgraded television viewing were at it again, hoping for the same adoption response rate to 3D TV offerings to consumers.

Best Buy Offers TiVo on Insignia Internet TVs

TiVo, the DVR entertainment company, has announced that it is going to integrate its services in with Best Buy’s range of Insignia TVs to give another medium for their services to be viewed on. The deal will put Best Buy in a more competitive position with Wal-Mart, who acquired Vudu last year. Sources say that this move will allow them to offer their own on-demand video services that Best Buy has been developing for some time now, through TiVo’s software.

Ciil Tech’s First Fully Outdoor TV

Summer is coming soon and if you’re a fan of garden parties it might be time to invest in an outdoor TV. Running a cable from your sitting room outside just isn’t going to look good enough anymore. Ciil make these outdoor LCD 1080p TVs for your enjoyment whilst in the hot tub.

Okay, so the contrast ratio isn’t great at 4,000:1 and brightness from 450cd/m2 to 700cd/m2 but they do work outside and that’s what’s important here!

Crossley Radio Memory Master Converts Vinyl and Cassette to DVD Without Wires or Computer

We’ve had 35mm slide to digital, VHS to DVD, and now it’s time for another vinyl to CD converter – yes, we love our analog to digital converters! This is another turntable to CD converter, similar to the ION iProfile turntable we reviewed last year, – the Crosley Radio Memory Master II (product code CR2413A-BK).

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