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FitFlop Shoes Tone Your Muscles As You Walk

Could the FitFlop be the world’s first smart shoe, without actually containing any technology? Fitflop use their own system of changing the amount of material at the front, middle and back of the shoe to help your body out.

They claim that wearing their shoe increases your leg and bottom muscle activity by up to a third (over regular shoes we’re guessing). This should help you tone up these muscles whilst walking. They also absorb more shock than normal shoes, which is better for your joints. Some wearers of FitFlop sandals have even said that they have provided relief from many joint problems. So how do they work?

Automatic Guitar Tuner Tunes Guitar Perfectly Every Time

If you don’t mind having the ‘fun’ taken out of tuning up your guitar, then this little gizmo should save you a lot of time – a robotic guitar tuner. This isn’t just a simple device that tells you whether your current tuning is too flat or too sharp, it actually listens and then tunes your guitar automatically! The motor inside it knows exactly how far to turn your tuning peg to get the perfect sound.

More info in the video below:

HP Veer – Tiny 4G Smartphone

Is this the world’s smallest fully-equipped 4G smartphone? Possibly. The HP Veer 4G is a sliding form-factor phone providing you the benefits of a touch screen, while also giving you a fully-functional QWERTY keyboard when required. The HP Veer also runs WebOS, the same as the Palm Pre. Pricing starts at $99.99 – read on for full tech specs.

D-Link’s MediaBridge Turns Ethernet Devices Wireless

D-Link’s new wireless N dual band MediaBridge (product code DAP-1513) allows you to extend your wireless network by adding in up to 4 extra devices to its 4 Ethernet ports and taking them wireless.

This means you can expand your current network without running large lengths of cable around your house for those Ethernet-only devices.

WineM Networks Your Wine Collection, Makes It Searchable

If you have a good-sized collection of wine, WineM is a must-have gadget to take your cellar into the next generation. WineM allows you to place an RFID tag on each bottle of wine, creating a searchable database with multiple query options. You can search through your wine collection on a screen and find wines from certain regions, their grapes, or when they will be ready to drink.

When WineM has located a few bottles of wine that match your query, it will light up the LED behind the bottle so you can easily locate the bottles of wine.

See If You Were Hacked by LulzSec

Lulz Security (aka LulzSec) have been responsible for some notorious hacks in the past 6 weeks that have made headlines, including the attack on the Sony PSN (Playstation Network).

Thousands upon thousands of Facebook, GMail and PayPal accounts have been hacked and worse made public. Gizmodo has set up a tool to allow you to see if your account(s) has been compromised. Check it out here.

The History of Tablet Computing – From 1987!

We’ve been talking about tablets in great detail since about 2008, and 2010 saw the release of the first iPad – the release that sparked off the tablet generation. Apart from that, it’s easy to forget exactly how long tablets have been around. We saw the Samsung Q1 in 2006 even, but was there anything before that? You bet there was! The picture below details the history of tablets since the first proper tablet – the Z88 released in 1987! Enjoy.

Razer Talon – World’s First Gaming Bio-Exoskeleton

Pro-gamers seem to get faster and faster on the games they’re playing with every day that goes by, leaving us mere mortals with no chance of being able to beat them. A standard gamer can hit around 100 actions per minute (APM), and a pro-gamer 300 APM. The Razer Talon exoskeleton for your hand allows you to hit up to 3,000 APM giving anyone a chance of becoming an über-gamer.

The speed of the exoskeleton is adjustable depending on your level of competence with the game you’re playing, and the Talon even features anti-twitch technology to stop you making mistakes. Read on for more info!

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