SVP FS1700 – 35mm Slide to Digital Converter – Computer Not Necessary

SVP-FS1700 Slide Converter

SVP-FS1700 Slide Converter

35mm slide to digital converters as well as analog to digital converters are pretty popular here on GfG, so here’s another nice 35mm slide converter.

The SVP FS1700 (by Silicon Valley Peripherals) is completely battery-operated and requires no special software to use – it’s pretty much standalone. The 2.4″ screen allows you to see what the 5MP slide scanner has produced, and then edit the images right then and there.

The images are saved onto the SD memory card you slot into it, and more advanced editing software is included if you want to do more than you can on the little screen. The scanning itself only takes 5 seconds per slide too.

All-in-all this is your regular 35mm slide to digital converter, without needing to be hooked up to a computer. Neat!

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Price: $89.99
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