Wanted: Gadget Bloggers

We are looking for writers for our gadget blog to produce blog entries on a regular basis. You may refer to our Gizmo of the Day entries to see examples of what we’re looking for. You will gain the potential to write other material for us as well. We aim to provide compensation and opportunities that go above and beyond what the average Internet article writer typically gets (see the Benefits and Payment Plan below).


  • Fluent English speaker and writer (American, Canadian, British or Australian English preferred)
  • A good knowledge and understanding of consumer electronics and computer products; at least the level of an enthusiast. You don’t necessarily need to work in a related field, but for example, you do need to understand what a DVR or a media center is.
  • Ability to produce at least 3 articles (250 to 300 words) per week, with the opportunity to produce more if you have the time. Ideal: 7 articles/week.
  • Know how to use a WYSIWYG editor (such as the one included in WordPress) to produce HTML blog entries
  • Be able to write with humor and flair.
  • We typically request article turnaround within 48 hours, but are willing to schedule out larger batches of articles to a week or more.

If you are interested, please answer the following questions, and send us at least 6 samples (or links to samples) of your work from 3 different sources. If you can only provide 1 or 2 sources, then please provide at least 3 or 4 samples per source. Do not send attachments. Include either hyperlinks and/or samples embedded as text in the body of the e-mail.


  • What is your general take on copyright? How do you account for it in your work?
  • Tell us what types of electronics, computers and gadgets you have and/or have had significant experience with.
  • Do you know HTML and/or any CSS? For example, do you know the difference between the <strong> and the <b> tags?
  • How long have you been writing?
  • Have you ever had any formal education/training in writing?
  • Are you currently employed? If so, what is your occupation?
  • What are your rates/fees? Most of our articles are on the order of 250 to 300 words each and we’re interested in paying US$0.01 per word.
  • In what city and country are you based? (Needed for time difference logistics.)

Please send questions and samples to us at jobsATgizmosforgeeksDOTcom. Again, do not send any attachments.

While we realize that this may seem like a great deal of requirements to meet, in return you will get the following.


  • A templated system with detailed instructions on how to format your articles and post them.
  • A high-profile set of additions to your writing portfolio.
  • If you produce high quality work on a consistent basis, we will raise your rates independent of your having to ask for a rate increase.
  • Bonuses based on results. You will be hard-pressed to find other writing gigs that provide this opportunity!
  • Steady work.
  • Backlinks from our site(s) to your site.
  • A payment plan that doesn’t have you stretching to meet word quotas – see below.
  • We are friendly & reasonable bloggers, and will work with you to achieve our common goals.

Payment Plan:

  • In order to have our writers write the best possible articles and not stretch them out for maximum income, we have a tiered payment plan with all writers as follows. Let’s assume in this example that we are paying $0.01/word. In general, articles for GfG are all under 300 words, many being under 200 words.
    • up to 300 words: $3
    • 301 -> 400 words: $4
    • 401 -> 500 words: $5
    • Over 500 words: we will negotiate with you ahead of time on such articles.
  • Payment will be weekly via Paypal.
  • For writers that partner with us on a longer term basis, who produce consistently good work and who do some amount of article promotion, we will be willing to pay up to $5 per article regardless of length.

Please send questions and samples to us at jobsATgizmosforgeeksDOTcom with a subject line of “Application for long-term writer”. Again, please do not send any attachments.

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