Ciil Tech’s First Fully Outdoor TV

Summer is coming soon and if you’re a fan of garden parties it might be time to invest in an outdoor TV. Running a cable from your sitting room outside just isn’t going to look good enough anymore. Ciil make these outdoor LCD 1080p TVs for your enjoyment whilst in the hot tub.

Okay, so the contrast ratio isn’t great at 4,000:1 and brightness from 450cd/m2 to 700cd/m2 but they do work outside and that’s what’s important here!

The sets are fully sealed, and provide protection from the harshest elements including rain and dust. They also have a unique temperature control system that keeps your box working whether it’s hot or cold, and this is done without fans or extractors, meaning there are no routes for dust or rain to get in to.

Pricing starts at $2,800 and TVs are available as 32″, 40″, 46″ and 55″.

More info from the manufacturer