DirecTV’s Mobile App

DirecTV, the satellite television giant, anticipated people like us when they developed the “DIRECTV Everywhere” app for iPad and Android smartphones. Watch your favorite movies and programs wherever you are, at your convenience.

DIRECTV Everywhere

If you’re a subscriber of DirecTV, you can get the free DIRECTV Everywhere app, opening a new world of mobile entertainment. It works as advertised and is simple to use and navigate. Watch movies and show wherever you are, whenever you want, on your iPad or smartphone.

You can also watch live television anywhere in your home, turn your iPad into a remote control, and program your DVR. This will not interrupt any programming currently showing on any television in your house.


If you subscribe to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX package through DirecTV, you can now watch every Sunday NFL game, no matter where you are. With the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app for iPads and smartphones, you’ll never miss another Sunday football game, no matter where you are. No more setting the DVR, hoping you don’t find out the score before you get home. Just break out your iPad and watch the game at your convenience.


If you’re an Android smartphone user, it’s time to get excited about a truly mobile television app. The DIRECTV Phone app for Android is free to all DirecTV subscribers. Have you ever found out about a show coming on and wish you could set your DVR? This actually happens a lot. Just launch the app and program your DVR from wherever you are. Watch Hollywood blockbuster movies, unedited and uncut, right on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Kindle Fire

Get the same great access to DirecTV programming on your Kindle Fire. Get the app for free and turn your Fire into a portable entertainment machine. Manage your DVR wherever you are, and watch great movies, shows, and specials just like you’re sitting at home.

Some apps are useful, some are entertaining, and few are both. The DIRECTV Everywhere app from DirecTV stands atop the mobile television genre. Power up our iPad or Android phone and watch television the way you want.

Have you downloaded the new DIRECTV Everywhere app yet?

Porter Olson is a writer and blogger for UsDirect TV.

5 thoughts on “DirecTV’s Mobile App”

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    1. I just downloaded the Direct TV app for my Kindle fire HD and it looks like it just sends a signal to your recorder to start recording. I couldn't figure out how to watch anything other than HBO to Go, with my subscription to Direct TV. When I asked for help from Amazon, I got some runaround about Amazon not having the app to actually play anything from Direct TV. Most disappointing. Maybe I should have gotten the ipad mini???? If anyone figures it out, please let me know.

  2. TOTALLY AGREE!!! Amazon is dropping the ball big time…bought a kindle fire hd for the boy for xmas as we already have an ipad and works great with Directv!! Cant watch live tv on Kindle Fire HD…this sucks!!

  3. Right now, you can download to a Kindle with TIVO, but not with Direct Tv. The only thing the app does is let you pick and start recording shows, not watch them. You can watch certain Amazon Prime shows and movies, but you have to have a good WiFi connection.

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