The Changing Age of Entertainment: Bringing the Cinema Home

Kolla filmer & serier på Netflix med Philips HD-mediespelare HMP2000

With fuel costs seemingly constantly on the rise, the cost of movie tickets and snacks, it’s understandable why some people are looking to get their movie entertainment without leaving home. So what are the options today for kicking it on your own couch?

Streaming and Rental Services

Options like Netflix and Redbox make it simple to watch recently released movies in your living room. Netflix also offers a substantial collection of new and older TV shows. Many of today’s entertainment systems – streaming boxes, DVD players, computers, tablets, etc.  – can work directly with Netflix’s streaming services, allowing you to enjoy their digital media on a variety of devices.

Apple iTunes offer a more impressive method of helping viewers stay on the cutting edge of theatrical releases. The online store has an “In Theaters Now” category that allows you to skip the ticketing queues altogether and watch some current releases whenever you’d like.

Movies can finish downloading in under an hour depending on the speed of your Internet connection, and are available to view for a full 24-hour period after you initially press the play button. Additionally, some have rental fees that are as low as $3.99, making them a true bargain for a Friday night diversion.

What’s Ahead?

The options mentioned above have been a part of our media landscape for several years now, and let us stay entertained on a modest budget. However, the entertainment industry is constantly striving to give viewers what they want, and in many cases, that means convenience, even if it comes at a price.

Since many companies sell seats complete with cup holders, pull-out food trays and LED lights, it’s easier than ever to recreate the theatrical experience in your home. With the help of these specialty furniture companies, plus the offerings of some modern entertainment companies, you can wow your friends and family.

Just-Released Films, Screened in your Living Room

Tech news website Digital Trends recently profiled a Californian company called Prima Cinema, which brings movies into your home, even on the same day that they’re released at your local multiplex. If you’ve already made the effort to outfit your living room with theater seats and perhaps a gourmet popcorn maker, it might be worth it to go all out. To get set up with this service, it costs $35,000 for the necessary technology. After that, each film comes with a price tag of $500. Of course, this is only for those of us with a lot of disposal income burning holes in our pockets.

As few as fifteen years ago, people had no choice but to travel to the cinema to watch new releases. Now, alternatives are numerous, and they extend to broadcast television too. No longer do we have to deal with boring commercials, or even watching a show only during its initial airing, or in reruns. Advances such as streaming episodes offered directly from the networks and luxury options from the like of Prima Cinema make it possible to stay home and get a movie theater experience.

Frank Unger is a home theatre blogger. If you’re looking to design a home theatre for your home, check out options for theater seats.
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