Gizmos for Geeks’ Review Policy

Gizmos for Geeks reviews gadgets, software, Web-based products and associated tech products on a continual basis. Our reviews frequently enter and stay in the top search engine results.

If you would like your product or your client’s product reviewed on Gizmos for Geeks or one of our other websites, please read the following guide.

First, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with your request.

We will decide whether or not we are interested in reviewing the product. Please note that we receive many requests for product reviews and can not grant them all. We will reply to you with our reviewer’s mailing address so that you may ship the product to them.

Please note that we can not return review samples. Despite our audience size, GfG is still a relatively small outfit with limited resources, and we would rather spend more time writing quality articles and reviews instead of shipping items.

Per FCC guidelines of 2009, we will note in the review that the sample unit was provided to us with the kind courtesy of you, the manufacturer, PR firm and/or reseller.

In some instances, we may decide to give away the sample to our readers in a sweepstakes, contest or other form of giveaway.

Questions? e-mail us at [email protected]. Thanks and we look forward to your cool new gizmos!

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