Going to College? Make Sure These Gadgets Are In Your Bag

If you’re heading off to college for the first time, it’s essential that you know what you need to take with you. If you’re already in college, you may find that things are a bit lacking, but can’t quite put your finger on what. Technological gadgets are an absolute must for the modern college student, but which should you pack and which should you leave behind?

We’ve made the decision an easy one! Here are our top five gadgets no college student should be without:

My New MacBook

1. Laptop

Sure, you can use your Kindle Fire as a quasi-tablet, and yes, you may have an iPad, but, when it comes down to it, nothing is going to serve you better in college than a laptop. Thanks to their popularity, and the shrinking use of home desktops, laptops are more affordable than ever. From taking notes to completing assignments; listening to music to watching videos, a laptop offers everything you need in one compact piece of machinery.

Crazy alien robot coffee machine from the future

2. Keurig 1-cup coffee maker

While many students have traditionally packed up the family’s coffee pot and lugged it off to school, it’s time to enter the 21st century! Nothing helps you stay up for those all night cramming sessions like a cup of steaming hot coffee and no machine will serve you better than a Keurig. These single cup brewers ensure that you always have a piping hot cup of Joe and, best of all, there are hundreds of flavor varieties available!

Create Custom USB Flash Drives 2

3. Flash Drive

No one likes to think about it but it’s a sad fact of life: laptops die. While you may not want to hold a funeral for your machine, you may want to stomp on it a few times if you haven’t backed up your files! These little gems are a necessary item for anyone who stores important data, like homework, on their computer. Simply plug it in to your USB drive and transfer anything that needs saving to the stick and, when your laptop dies, no one has to grieve.


4. Docking Station

Whether you have an iPod, iPhone or Droid, a docking station is a must. Not only will the station provide you with a speaker system, but it will charge your mobile device; great for those who can’t seem to remember to plug their iPod in for a daily charge. The best docking stations also serve as an alarm clock, negating the need to clutter your desk with more gizmos.

Android Developer Phone 1 and iPhone 3G

5. Smart Phone

The phone you choose is up to you, but having a cell phone on hand is a necessity. With all of the apps available on both the Android Market and iTunes, your phone can alternate between an organizational tool, a communications tool and a great study partner.

Going to college unprepared isn’t the smartest thing to do. Going to college without these gadgets is even worse! When you’re packing your bags, be sure that you include, at the very least, these five items; you’ll be happy you did.

Mary Baxter is a writer working on her master of nursing online while nursing part time at a retirement community.

7 thoughts on “Going to College? Make Sure These Gadgets Are In Your Bag”

  1. Yes i am totally agreed with you if we really make our unique identity in between many people then we should have atleast Laptop and Smartphone with him/her always for stay update with every new technology all time.

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  3. I would certainly say that a laptop, a flash drive and a smart phone are things that you need to have – if you can afford them in college as they will certainly make college life easier. Also, a laptop and a smart phone will help you stay connected with family and friends you left behind for college.

    1. I completely agree. Many professors send emails out with as little as ten minutes notice before class so a smart phone has become a must-have for college students.

      The laptop and flash drive is also super important because the library can fill up fast during finals week and computers are hard to come by. A rule of thumb if you can afford it is to make it easy to transport because some classes also allow you to use it during class!

  4. WOW I will never get bored with this gadgets as somethings dorms don't have any things so instead of going out and partying every night why not surf the net or have games with your phone. Really nice.

  5. As a note from one college student to many others I find portability and gadgets that multitask a must iPod touch is great for small Internet, recording lectures and not to mention the necessity of entertainment as well as a netbook with all the computing power a student could need (unless running high power games) and portability that you could need I would be sunk without both of these items!!!

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