Passwords Are Not Broken, but How We Choose Them Sure Is

By Bruce Schneier, author of recent book, Carry On: Sound Advice from Schneier on Security

I’ve been reading a lot about how passwords are no longer good security. The reality is more complicated. Passwords are still secure enough for many applications, but you have to choose a good one. And that’s hard. The best way to explain how to choose a good password is to describe how they’re broken. The most serious attack is called offline password guessing. There are commercial programs that do this, sold primarily to police departments. There are also hacker tools that do the same thing.

As computers have become faster, the guessers have got better, sometimes being able to test hundreds of thousands of passwords per second. These guessers might run for months on many machines simultaneously.

Top 5 Back-to-School Apps for Android Tablets

Summer is going to be over before you know it and that means scholars from middle school to grad school will once again be hit with heavy homework assignments and reading materials that don’t exactly qualify as beach-worthy thrillers. Filing back into the classroom can be a shock to your system after a few months of lazy days or working – suddenly everyone expects you to keep it together, show initiative and know your stuff. Luckily there’s an app for that. Here are five apps for Android tablets that will help keep you organized in and out of the classroom.

1. My Class Schedule

my-classroomThis is the app that is going to save your life because it will be running your life for the next 10 months or so. No need to waste valuable brain space remembering where you need to be or what you ought to be doing when you’re using this app for Android tablets. You probably guessed that it knows your class schedule. It also knows when exams are coming. And it knows what homework is due when. My Class Schedule can even remind you to hit the books when you have unfinished assignments or a test next Tuesday so you never have to convince a prof that your dog ate your essay. (Free)

6 Awesome Android Apps for Gadget Geeks

swiss-army-knife-androidThe app world for Android (and iPhones/iPads) is ever-changing, so don’t be too annoyed that this is still yet another list of apps. This list is on the practical side of life, so you should find at least one in here that’ll be of some use to you. Personally, I use ColorNote myself at least daily.

1. ColorNote Notepad Notes

Here is a free app that will help you become more organized. You can color code your notes (or lists) to keep track of them more easily. There are widgets to display them in your launcher and reminders can be configured to remind you either once or on a recurring basis.

Review: Doxie One portable scanner

Doxie One scanning a photoI love the Doxie One. Paperless nirvana, here I come. I’ve dreamed of a paperless and more importantly, an electronic document repository, for a long time, but that has been mostly a dream as I’ve dreaded having to haul my papers over to my clunky all-in-one printer-scanner, then scan papers 1 or a few at a time.

I’ve used the Doxie One for the past 4 weeks and with a few exceptions that I’ll talk about, I love it. If your goal is to go paperless and stay that way, I can highly recommend the Doxie One as an essential component of your paperless toolbox.

Best new upcoming features in iOS 6

When iOS 6 arrives, it will be much more than a simple update. Instead, it will be Apple’s vision of what a mobile operating system should be. There are many great new features of this update, basically in the areas of accessibility and convenience. The ultimate goal is to make mobile computing as easy as possible for users of all ages, technical skills, and physical abilities. Here are what Apple considers to be the most important aspects of iOS 6:

DIY Webcam Surveillance Systems – Some of the Best Downloadable Software

Have you ever wanted to catch that person you suspect is snooping around your office? Peek in on the cleaning lady while you’re away? Or check up on the kids while at work or out for the night?

There are many options available to choose from when selecting a video surveillance system. Professional surveillance systems can cost hundreds of dollars. Or you could just try out many of the free and low cost downloadable software applications available for use with everyday web cameras.

Since webcams are affordable and easy to connect, it’s a great place to start with a DIY home or office surveillance project. Some of the best downloadable webcam software is available as freeware or comes in under $70. …

Book cover - Head First HTML5

Book Review: Head First HTML5 Programming

Book cover - Head First HTML5Unless you’ve been under a rock the past 2 years or so, you’ll know that HTML5 is the next generation of the markup language that has been powering the Web since its inception. Tech publisher O’Reilly has been busy ensuring that they do their part to educate the Web developers and programmers of the world and they accordingly have a slew of books on HTML5, one of which is in their Head First series.

Head First HTML5 Programming is really that – a book about programming, specifically in JavaScript. It is expected that you already know HTML and CSS, and while some JavaScript would be good, it’s not a requirement. The book starts off with a quick intro to HTML5, but by page 20, you’ll already have seen some JavaScript code.

Norton’s Protect the Stuff that Matters Campaign’s Cool Videos

Norton, a consumer-oriented Symantec brand, has a new advertising campaign for their security products that centers on protecting your data, appropriately called “Protect the Stuff that Matters”. Apart from their website which explains what their software does, has tools, and trial software downloads, they also have a number of videos.

Ringtone-Making Made Free And Easy: 6 Free Ringtone-Making Apps For Your Phone And Computer

One of the longest continuing trends in mobile phones is the personalization of ringtones. Now that modern smartphones are as good as computers, you can make any song your own personal ringtone. Moreover, you will not have to buy these ringtones. You can make them for free with free apps. Read on to find out more.

Piggy Bank

Stay Smart About Personal Finance With These Smartphone Apps

Piggy BankIf you have a smartphone, you already know how useful it is in a myriad of ways. Personal finance is such an integral part of our daily lives; make sure you’re harnessing the power of your phone to keep track of expenses, budgets, and investments. It’s a lifeline in today’s fast-moving world.

Whether you are a seasoned investor, starting out with your first checking account, or somewhere in between, you can probably benefit from tracking your personal finances with a software program. Knowing at a glance just where you stand financially can help you decide whether to give into that impulse purchase, or if you need a payday loan to cover your unexpected care repairs. …

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