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Magic Wand Remote Controller

Magic Wand Remote Controller for TV

Magic Wand Remote Controller Feel like a wizard or witch with this Magic Wand Remote Controller for TV. Learning from your existing remote, the Magic Wand provides a baker’s dozen, that’s 13, magical functions such as flipping the channel with a flick of the wand or turning up the volume by twisting the wand.

The Magic Wand is compatible with most TV, DVR, DVD or Blu-ray Players or really just about anything with a remote.

As fewer and fewer muggles are born and the wizarding world expands, you must get a jump to begin using magic in your home.

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Price: $89.99
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Olive’s O6HD Handmade Music Server Delivers Perfection

If you’re looking for a music server, they don’t get much better than the Olive O6HD. The Olive system utilises HD music to provide you with sound quality that they claim has a resolution 250x that of a CD. Not bad. Combine this with the saucy O6HD looks and you’ve got yourself the ultimate music server.

Amazon Video Streaming Free to Amazon Prime Users

Free TV and Movie Streaming for Amazon Prime Members – Gift from Amazon

Amazon Video Streaming Free to Amazon Prime Users Amazon has gifted free TV and Movie streaming for Amazon Prime Members.

Let’s look at the benefits of a paid Amazon Prime Membership:
1) Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping
2) No minimum order size
3) One-Day shipping for $3.99/item
4) UNLIMITED commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows for FREE

All this for $79/year… compared to Netflix at $7.99/month for just free unlimited streaming, the Amazon Prime Membership is seemingly a steal of a deal at $16.88 less a year than Netflix with the additional shipping benefits. I’m not sure how to really compare the two libraries, but glancing around the libraries seemed fairly compatible.

Check out what Jeremy and Greg at LIVEdigitally have to say about the new competition for Netflix.

ivi TV logo

Review: ivi TV, live-streaming broadcast TV over the Internet

ivi TV logoivi TV, appropriately located at, is an up-and-coming Internet-based TV company and application that runs on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. ivi TV has partnered with over 25 (and growing) broadcast channels to bring viewers a range of live content for a monthly fee of $4.99.

Here’s our review of ivi TV.

Internet Enabled TVs Hacked

HDTV Hacked Several security flaws have been discovered in a best-selling brand of Internet-enabled HDTVs and the security researchers that discovered the hole believe it’s likely that similar security flaws exist in other Internet-enabled HDTVs.

Mocana, a technology company offering products for device security frameworks including embedded SSL and SSH as well as IPSEC and alternatives to OpenSSH, discovered that the TV’s Internet interface failed to confirm script integrity prior to running remote scripts resulting in intercepted transmissions using “rogue DNS” or TCP session hijacking techniques. Mocana then demonstrated that JavaScript could be injected allowing attackers to take control of the Internet functionality of the HDTV which could lead to Denial of Service (DoS) or local home network hacking as well s phishing for credit card information.

Mocana was able to recover the manufacturer’s private “third-party developer keys” from the television as this information was transmitted in the clear (funny how Mocana sells embedded SSL technologies to encrypted such transmissions).

Read the further details here.

Logic3’s Compact LCD ProDock for iPod and iPhone Packs a Punch

Logic 3 has been a leader in the UK speaker market for some time now, but with the LCD ProDock they’ve really outdone themselves and produced a compact dock that packs a punch and looks absolutely gorgeous too.

The idea behind the dock is that you drop your iPod or iPhone onto the dock and wire the dock up to your TV or hi-fi. You can then control it from your sofa with the provided remote.

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