Crossley Radio Memory Master Converts Vinyl and Cassette to DVD Without Wires or Computer

We’ve had 35mm slide to digital, VHS to DVD, and now it’s time for another vinyl to CD converter – yes, we love our analog to digital converters! This is another turntable to CD converter, similar to the ION iProfile turntable we reviewed last year, – the Crosley Radio Memory Master II (product code CR2413A-BK).

This gizmo can convert any vinyl or cassette knocking around your house to CD. Simply pop in your cassette/vinyl and a blank CD in the drive and it will do all the work for you. This eliminates the need for messy wires snaking to your computer. If you do want a digital copy of the files though, a USB hookup is included and you can make use of the included editing software.

Pricing isn’t cheap at $360, compared to the ION iProfile’s $150 tag. For the extra $210 though you’re also getting the ability to digitalize your cassettes, and the added convenience of being a turnkey system without need of a computer. Whether that makes it worth it or not is your call.

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Price: $362.49
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