Best Buy Offers TiVo on Insignia Internet TVs

TiVo, the DVR entertainment company, has announced that it is going to integrate its services in with Best Buy’s range of Insignia TVs to give another medium for their services to be viewed on. The deal will put Best Buy in a more competitive position with Wal-Mart, who acquired Vudu last year. Sources say that this move will allow them to offer their own on-demand video services that Best Buy has been developing for some time now, through TiVo’s software.

But be warned, this is no DVR. It will have the TiVo interface but no DVR recording and playback capabilities.

It might seem that Best Buy has hit the scene a little late, since Vudu is already available on a wide range of internet TVs from big brands, but Best Buy have also been named as preferred retailer for devices running Google TV – a similar platform to be launched by Google shortly.

No availability details from Best Buy or TiVo as yet however.