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Bridging the gap between the ultra tech-savvy and the standard consumer, the Felthos Foundry family of websites provide results for advertisers looking to effectively reach highly-qualified buyers with above average income. Our readers look for technology that is actually available today and are ready to buy.

The Felthos Foundry network partners with marketers offering a wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities allowing you to increase site traffic, registrations and downloads or boost your sales.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Pervasive branding and site integration enables you to make a significant impact on the Felthos Foundry audience. Contact us to build your own custom sponsorship program. Please include as many details/specifics as you can about what kind of advertising and/or plans you would like to run.

Build your brand, create community awareness, and drive traffic to your site through a range of branding vehicles, including banners, text links, and more.

Rates and Ad Specifications

Direct Sales
You may purchase advertising directly from us. See the sales page for more detailed information on the offered ad zones and rates. This is a self-service system, first-come, first-served.

Leaderboard 728×90 – at the top of the page above the logo
Large Rectangle 336×280 – above the fold, top right corner
Text Ads (5 slots) – in sidebar, no-follow

via BlogAds
We offer advertising space via BlogAds which appear above the fold in a column on our blogs/other websites. You can find links to submit your ads directly on the sites or you can use the following links. BlogAds offers different ad formats, and durations (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months). You can find up to date rates by following the links.

Gizmos for Geeks

If you would like to extend your reach across a wider tech-savvy audience, then consider advertising on the BlogAds Gadget Hive.

Custom Solutions
We can also work with you to offer custom solutions such as banner advertising or page-specific ads. Please contact us with your specific requests.

Text Ads
You may either buy text ads directly from us or use BlogAds. Please note that we do not sell text link ads (paid links) within content that would act as an editorial vote [References: 1]. i.e. text links are nofollow.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that all advertising on our network of websites is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Adherence to FTC Guidelines
We adhere to the guides laid out by the Federal Trade Commission in October 2009 regarding the disclosure of advertising relationships and material connections. Please see the FTC’s website for more information.

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