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Here are but a few of our favorite gadget links. Keep checking back as we update it as we run across new cool sites/pages.

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Technology Journal, New Gadgets Everyday!

Aartech Canada
If you live in Canada, get your INSTEON, X10, home automation stuff here.
You’ve gotta know what Amazon is!
Ashbaugh Online
Greg Ashbaugh’s Technology blog.

Got money? Then read BornRich and find out what you can spend those dollar bills on!
Be Connected
Become.com’s Electronics blog.

Hot technology and gizmo blog site.
Where America buys technology.
Cool Smart Phone
Information and news about smart phones.
Coolest Gadgets
A source of news and information for tech savvy gadget hunters.
Craziest Gadgets
The craziest gadgets, gizmos, toys, technology and design.

Darla Mack – Days in the Life of a Mobile Diva!
My site mainly consists of mobile technology with maybe a few personal stories posted from time to time. Focusing around the progress and testing of symbian software, devices and accessories as well as news and info regarding service providers rate plans and services.
Gadgets and devices you need to read about
Digital Media Thoughts
Digital Media News & Views
Digital Photography Blog
One of the fastest growing digital photography/gadget sites on the net.
Digital Trends
Your gateway to a hi-tech lifestyle.

EasyiShop UK
EasyiShop UK offers the latest and best in iPods, and accessories and reports on it on their blog.
Eclectic Electronics
Eclectic Electronics is a blog containing technology news, information about home theater, deals and some random comments.
Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.

First Adopter
The site for early adopters of personal technology.
Fresh Trend
Fresh Trend is a blog created to try and gather a collection of some of the best products and new stuff on the internet. With just a few writers we are doing our best to find the best new music, clothing trends, places to go, things to do and anything else that they find that seems cool to them.

The Gadget Blog
The Gadget Blog dares to be different with an eclectic mix of Gadgets delivered directly to the blogosphere every day of the year without the commercial hype of other sites.
GadgetMadness is the premiere gadget review website on the Internet. Product reviews are detailed and thorough and include web video segments that showcase product features.
Gadget Road
Gadget Road is a small team of computer enthusiasts that think there’s enough room for a website dedicated to gadgets.
Gadget Reporter
Gadgets off the beaten path.
Gadget Sleuth
Gadget Sleuth profiles gadgets, gizmos and cutting-edge technology news.
The Gadgeteer
The best source of gadget and gizmo related reviews on the net.
Gadgetell is a tech and gadget news information source. We’re here to keep you connected with the fast-paced tech industry while providing you with some comic relief. We hope to be frequented by you so check back for serveral updates daily.
Unique gadget-related weblog with a geek/tech readership interested in bleeding-edge gadgetry, software dev, and miscellany.
The Gadgets Weblog
The Gadgets Weblog – Bringing the latest news and reviews about all kind of gadgets, and not only…
Gadgets and Gizmos, Gadgets Blog
A couple of gadget blogs by the same blogger.
Gadgets Reviews
Well, we’re not sure if the name of this blog is Gadgets Reviews or Techno News, but it’s definitely filled with gadgets.
Gadgets99 is a service that collects news from gadget news sources. The goal is to create an easy to use newsportal for the players and people in the business. If you want to know it all at once, you want Gadgets99. With a continous update of the news you won’t miss a thing.
Christen da Costa started Gadgetreview.com back in 2002 as website, not a blog. Today, Gadgetreview reports daily on gadget and tech news in easy and pallatable manner.
Gear Live
Gear Live is an online magazine dedicated to the latest in gadgets, movies, music, and games.
USB Powered Gadgets and more…
the Gizmo Shop
Great place to buy your gizmos in the UK.
Gizmodo is a gadget blog dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics.
Goto Reviews / MetaEfficient
We feature reviews of new “efficient” products daily. Our readers are intelligent, discerning consumers who are looking for a buying guide that rates a product on its eco-effectiveness, durability and positive health effects.

Hand Cell Phone Blog
News and reviews on the latest and greatest in cell phones.
Source of hot hardware and cool gadgets.
Hip Tech Blog
HipTechBlog is a daily-updated tech and gadgets blog.
How Stuff Works
Learn how everything works!

Future Technology News
I Blogged This
I Blogged This is a fun project for its owner. You might find game, TV, movie & music Reviews, or just random Videos and Links they find amusing.
I Review Electronics
Reviews To Popular Electronic Gadgets
iTech News Net
Latest Gadget News and Reviews.

Kitchen Contraptions
Kitchen Contraptions.com is a blog dedicated to everything you need to make your cooking experience better! Kitchen Gadgets, Appliances, & Reviews!

Laptop Reviews
The name says it all. Laptop Reviews review laptops! Windows, Macs and throws in some useful how tos and guides to boot.
“Invention, in my opinion, originates from idleness and mainly from laziness” so said Agatha Christie a few years ago. At LAZYBONE we aim to bring you the latest gadgets and a fun selection of innovative products at prices which are hard to beat!!
Linux Devices
Your embedded Linux resource.
Making sense of 1s and 0s.
Loopy Gadgets
News and Reviews on consumer electronics and gadgets

Mad for Stuff
Gadgets, gift ideas and other cool stuff
mbites delivers a British-based media savvy audience, interested in the impact of the digital world on the wider, changing media world. It is written by Mike Butcher, a leading editor and journalist in the UK digital media industry.
Mobile Gadget News
News, Reviews, and Help for the MPX200, SCH-i600, and SmartPhone Community .
MRGizMo’s editor has an academic background in technology and art and has more than 5 years working as a designer at a top Japan’s electronic company.
MS Mobiles
All about cell phones powered by Microsoft.
Must have Gizmos
MustHaveGizmos.com is a technology blog dedicated to everything related to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics. Our influential audience stops by regularly to check out the latest news, reviews and recommendations for products including laptops, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, home entertainment and more.

Nechbi (now iGadgetLife)
nechbi.com is my own personal rambles on new technologies and gadgets that have caught my eye.
A new startup blog on gadgets, gizmos, and electronics.

OhGizmo! readers come looking for daily news about gadgets, innovation and design.
Operation Gadget
Electronic gadget news and reviews.

Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women
Gadgets, Culture, General Neophilia. For and by women.
PSP Hacks
The most respected Sony PSP site on the net. Featured on: Slashdot, MTVNews, iGadget, TechTV, Wired among others, PSP-Hacks.com contains the most up-to-date news surrounding the Sony PSP.

Real Tech News
Real Tech News – Independent Tech
Review a Gadget
Featuring dozens of reviews on gadgets, particularly, Airsoft guns, GPS units, webcams, and Remote Controlled (RC) everything!

Shiny Shiny
A girl’s guide to gadgets.
A blog that keeps you updated with the latest gadgets, software, news and reviews.
The world’s largest retailer of Home Automation Products.
SonyStyle USA
An aptly named site, as Sony have been long known for their sleek, stylish and of course quality high-tech products.
Silicon Valley Peripherals
High Def Camcorder, Buy SD Memory and Slide and Negative Scanners.

Tech Bargains
Targeting the best deals in tech.
TechChee.com, shop online for gadget, gizmo and hot tech stuff.
Tech Domain
Australian based tech forum with news and reviews portal.
Technabob features the latest news on new gadgets, games, gizmos and other wierd science.
Teaching How to use PC and Internet the Right Way.
Tech Gadgets Blog
I blog on technology, Internet, weblogging, gadgets, software and hardware reviews.
Our blog covers the latest tech and gadget news.
The place where both novice and expert users help each other with electronic devices.
Your one-stop shop to find online reviews of electronics, computers, cameras, games, phones and much more.
Stuff for smart masses.
Trendy Gadget
Trendy Gadget features items with a focus on fashion and art.
TV Snob
The weblog for exclusive news & reviews of tvs and tv technology.

Uber Gizmo
Gizmo Blog features the best and latest gadgets and gizmos.

The Ultimate Geek and Gadgets Guide.
Wired News: Gizmos and Gadgets
Face it: You live for new adult toys. Some of them are necessary, others should never have left the vaporware stage.

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