OCD Chopping Board for Vegetable-Lovers Everywhere

If you’ve got a case of OCD and like to have your vegetable cut up perfectly, or if you’re just having guests over and want to make your dish perfect, then the OCD Chef Cutting Board is exactly what you need.

The wooden chopping board has a grid printed on it so you can chop the vegetables to precise lengths, or dice them in perfect cubes. If it’s that perfect angle you’re after then don’t worry as this is catered for (pardon the pun) too – lines and arcs come out from one of the corners of the board for you to get that perfect slice on your cucumber.

The last feature that makes this chopping board just right for perfect-vegetable-lovers everywhere is the ruled scales on the edges of the chopping board. Only $25 to get your food perfectly cut!

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Price: $24.99
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