Automatic Guitar Tuner Tunes Guitar Perfectly Every Time

If you don’t mind having the ‘fun’ taken out of tuning up your guitar, then this little gizmo should save you a lot of time – a robotic guitar tuner. This isn’t just a simple device that tells you whether your current tuning is too flat or too sharp, it actually listens and then tunes your guitar automatically! The motor inside it knows exactly how far to turn your tuning peg to get the perfect sound.

More info in the video below:

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Price: $49.95
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9 thoughts on “Automatic Guitar Tuner Tunes Guitar Perfectly Every Time”

  1. This is awesome, been playing guitar for quiet some time now but still can't master how to tune my guitar.. looks like this is the answer to my tuning problem.. Thanks

  2. This is interesting. I think it would be most helpful for beginners such as myself since fine tuning a guitar takes some practice and you really need to have the sense to do it. And with a $50 price tag to boot, I think it's pretty affordable

  3. Funny how people have different ways of doing it I remember when starting out (which probably more highlights how long it took me to find the right key tongue )

  4. Great article. I didn't heard about this type of guitar. All the members said correct thing. It is very helpful for the beginners. Thanks for giving this article on guitar tool.

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