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Dreamcade Vision 40 – MAME-based Arcade Console

We’ve covered MAME in gadgets and stories before, and honestly, who gets tried of these fantastic arcade consoles that play dozens, hundreds or even thousands of games? Not us!

Here’s one from Dream Arcades that plays over 150 games ‘out of the box’, has a giant 40″ screen and more controls than you can shake a … well, control, at!

Educational Web-based Games for Kids

kids-playing-tablet-gamesVideo games have long evolved from being only about fun and entertainment, and today there is a wealth of educational games, many of which are online (web-based). In this post, we take a quick look at 6 of these, which are either free or free at their core.

GameUp from BrainPOP

This collection of free games is targeted to students in grades 4 to 12. The website covers a wide range of subjects including math, science, health, and social studies. There are no ads, and kids don’t need to register to play. The site is a curated selection of the best online educational games. The BrainPOP team has evaluated hundreds of games from different companies, and chosen those they felt were the highest quality for this site. Teachers can even view a lesson plan, which explains how they could integrate some of these games into their classes. …

Giveaway for Geeks! Win the PC Game of your choice!

We’ve teamed up with the folks at to bring you a Thanksgiving giveaway of a CD key for any PC game of your choice. Cheapdigitaldownload is one of the web’s biggest dedicated games guide and review sites. They test and anonymously check CD key vendors of games on PCs, Gamecard and Xbox.

How to Enter?


Hit this link to enter.

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OnLive on an iPad for gaming

The iPad as a Gaming Console

OnLive on an iPad for gaming

The impossibility of technology can often be well…seemingly impossible. There has been some talk about OnLive. I say some because many have deemed what OnLive claims to be able to do impossible. Many gaming sites such as EuroGamer don’t believe it is possible, but with the testing of an avid gamer on Popular Science, Dan Nosowitz says that it is.

OnLive now offers the same abilities it once claimed to be available on the iPad, Honeycomb tables—like the Motorola Xoom—the Kindle Fire and Android smartphones. So what does that mean?

Razer Talon – World’s First Gaming Bio-Exoskeleton

Pro-gamers seem to get faster and faster on the games they’re playing with every day that goes by, leaving us mere mortals with no chance of being able to beat them. A standard gamer can hit around 100 actions per minute (APM), and a pro-gamer 300 APM. The Razer Talon exoskeleton for your hand allows you to hit up to 3,000 APM giving anyone a chance of becoming an über-gamer.

The speed of the exoskeleton is adjustable depending on your level of competence with the game you’re playing, and the Talon even features anti-twitch technology to stop you making mistakes. Read on for more info!

World’s Largest Miniature Airport Opens for Business

Forget Hatsfield-Jackson or Heathrow, the Knuffingen Airport is now the world’s biggest ‘little’ airport. Knuffingen Airport is the latest attraction to Miniatur Wunderland in Germany.

The display area takes up 150 square meters, it took seven years to build and cost $4.8m. The planes (ranging from Cessna to Airbus A380) take off and land like in any real airport, and passengers and cars move around perfectly – well worth checking out the video below.

Angry Birds Stuffed Toy with Sounds

Review: Angry Birds Squeezable Soft Toy With Sounds

Angry Birds Stuffed Toy with SoundsWhen I got the invitation to try out the Angry Birds soft toy with authentic sounds, I just had to say yes. This soft toy about 4″ across fits comfortably in an adult hand, and my 1-year-old loved holding it with both of hers.

Although she doesn’t know what the Angry Birds app/video game is, she loved hearing the sounds coming out of it when you squeeze it in the right spot (hit this page to hear the sounds). Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t quite duplicate it! Maybe later on.

Are Sifteo Blocks ‘The Future of Play’?

Sifteo – the future of play. OK – so the slogan got me hooked, but I don’t think I’m too happy with this being the future of play/gaming.

Sifteo is essentially a set of 1.5″ (inch) cubes with color displays that you interact with to play a series of challenging games (for adults) or simpler puzzles for children. They’ve not hit the shelves yet (expected mid-2011) but when they do expect to see many more uses besides games.

And in the current trend of platforms with optional apps, you can add to your collection from the Sifteo App Store (let’s see if Apple sue them for infringement).

Angry Birds T-shirt

Angry Birds – Now with T-shirts

Angry Birds T-shirtWow, this Angry Birds thing is unbelievably for real. First the game, the variations, t-shirts and even an upcoming movie (?!). Pictured is just one of 3 Tees that Nerdy Shirts sells. They’re currently on sale too.

Yeah, this isn’t really a gadget, but you gotta admit, AB is just one of those memes we can’t escape right now!

Buy now!
Price: $21.56
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

8-Bit Death – the Collection

A bit of nostalgic retro for you today. If you ever played any of these 80s video games (seems like mostly Atari 2600 games), you’re going to love this video created by Boing Boing – it’s a collection of how the main characters die. And the music that goes along with it is just gloriously ironic yet perfectly suited.

Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop, but don’t worry, it’s under 3 minutes. You could watch 5 of these in your coffee break!

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