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Stanley Safety Socket Reduces Power Cord Tripping Accidents

You know when you’re vacuuming the house and someone decides to trip over your cord and hurt themself? What we really need is a socket that easily detaches at that point so you don’t get caught out. Stanley Tools have got the answer – their Stanley Safety Socket.

A little bit how Apple’s magnetic cords plug into your Mac, simply tug on the cord and the socket breaks away, meaning no accidents and no stretched wires. You can have this safety for just $20.

We’ve been holding onto this gem for a long time now hoping that Stanley would release this widely, but we still can’t seem to find it on the Interwebs for sale. If you spot it somewhere, drop us a line so we can update the rest of our readers. Thanks!

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Price: $19.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

World’s Largest Miniature Airport Opens for Business

Forget Hatsfield-Jackson or Heathrow, the Knuffingen Airport is now the world’s biggest ‘little’ airport. Knuffingen Airport is the latest attraction to Miniatur Wunderland in Germany.

The display area takes up 150 square meters, it took seven years to build and cost $4.8m. The planes (ranging from Cessna to Airbus A380) take off and land like in any real airport, and passengers and cars move around perfectly – well worth checking out the video below.

Livescribe Echo smartpen

Livescribe Smartpens go Online – Can Now Share Socially to Facebook, Twitter

Livescribe Echo smartpen

Over the last two years we’ve brought you the Livescribe Pulse and Livescribe Echo smart pens, and now in 2011 comes news of Livescribe Connect. While the previous pens were pretty amazing in their capabilities (refresh your memory: they record exactly what you write and you can sync audio with this, and a few neat apps such as playing piano with it) but they were a bit incomplete in their ability to post this data online. Not anymore!

Courage iPhone Case – Profits go to Japanese Earthquake Victims

March 11, 2011 was a terrifying and devastating moment for the people of Japan. The rest of the world woke up to find pictures of a developed country torn to pieces and the events that unfolded during the following days and weeks to be just as horrific.

One of many companies that have been good corporate citizens is the Primary Case Company who have designed a new iPhone case, retailing at $30, where 100% of the profits go to helping victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

The limited edition case is made out of bamboo and is completely eco-friendly. Engraved in the back of it is “courage” written in both English and Japanese. Also included is the exact date and time of when the earthquake occurred. The case not only looks good, but your money will be used to help the victims.

Buy now!
Price: $30
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Kyocera Echo is a Dual-Screen Smartphone that Resembles a Nintendo DS

The Kyocera Echo (or Sprint Echo) is Sprint’s very own dual-screen phone, that resembles more of a Nintendo DS than something we use to call people with. The phone has two 3.5″ touchscreens, which can be combined to make one 4.7″ touchscreen to transform the phone into more of a tablet-form. Alternatively if you just want a phone you can use single screen mode.

The phone runs Android’s operating system and there are currently 7 pre-packaged apps available specifically for use with the dual screen. However, whether or not any other developers develop apps specifically for its dual screen depends on its popularity.

Get OnStar in Any Car with the OnStar FMV Car Mirror

Remember that scene in Die Hard 4.0 when Matt Farrell uses the 5 series BMW to get in touch with the emergency services? OnStar offers you the chance to do just that without going out and buying a BMW with fancy optional extras – a few hundred dollars is all you need to get it installed in any car.

The new accessory, OnStar FMV is a rearview mirror wired up with all of the usual OnStar goodies. It costs $300 plus $100 to get it installed and it helps you with accidents, emergencies, security, navigation and breakdowns.

What’s The Difference Between an iPad and an iPhone?

Here’s another back-to-basics article that will straighten out this question once and for all.

If you type “What’s the difference between an iPad and an…” into Google, it auto-suggests that you mean “What’s the difference between an iPad and an iPhone“, which implies that there are more than a few people searching for the answer to just that question. And is it turns out, there are more similarities than differences which makes it a fairly valid question.

SignNow Lets You Electronically Sign Documents from Desktop or Mobile

Finally signatures have a chance to move into the digital world with the forming of a new company, SignNow. SignNow offers you software for your computer or smartphone that allows anyone, anywhere to sign documents. Since electronic signatures are legally binding in the US the system is an improvement on traditional pen and paper as it reduces waste yet carries the same legal weight.

Humor: Can You Imagine a Real-World Social Network?

If you stop for a bit and think about how Facebook or any other social network operates, you may realize (if you have your profile wide open) that it really is a invasion of your privacy, albeit self-imposed. Just think about the information you stick up there.

A couple of jokers have capitalized on this seemingly weird social behavior paradox and created a pretty funny video where they pretend to invite people to a real-world social network.

Vumber Gives You a Temporary Cell Phone Numbers

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why you’d want to have a second and/or temporary phone number, including having one to put on social networking sites, giving one out on nights out, or putting on a CraigsList or eBay ad. Then if things do go wrong, you can just get a new number without having to notify all your personal contacts.

Now there’s a solution even better than this – PalTalk have come up with Vumber. Vumber is a service that gives you a number that, when called, directs to your cell phone. The other caller never has to know your real number. If there is a problem, you can delete the number without hassle.

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