WineM Networks Your Wine Collection, Makes It Searchable

If you have a good-sized collection of wine, WineM is a must-have gadget to take your cellar into the next generation. WineM allows you to place an RFID tag on each bottle of wine, creating a searchable database with multiple query options. You can search through your wine collection on a screen and find wines from certain regions, their grapes, or when they will be ready to drink.

When WineM has located a few bottles of wine that match your query, it will light up the LED behind the bottle so you can easily locate the bottles of wine.

In effect, your bottles of wine become networked to a portable screen and you can find out any information you need about them. The video below will make the concept clearer:

See here for more info. Unfortunately, this is still a prototype, awesome as it is. Sorry!

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