Razer Talon – World’s First Gaming Bio-Exoskeleton

Pro-gamers seem to get faster and faster on the games they’re playing with every day that goes by, leaving us mere mortals with no chance of being able to beat them. A standard gamer can hit around 100 actions per minute (APM), and a pro-gamer 300 APM. The Razer Talon exoskeleton for your hand allows you to hit up to 3,000 APM giving anyone a chance of becoming an über-gamer.

The speed of the exoskeleton is adjustable depending on your level of competence with the game you’re playing, and the Talon even features anti-twitch technology to stop you making mistakes. Read on for more info!

OK, sorry, it doesn’t exist (yet). It’s all part of an elaborate marketing ploy/April fool’s joke by Razer – don’t worry, it had us fooled too until we tried to pre-order it.

But it does get you thinking – exoskeletons are popping up everywhere for various uses, and there’s no reason that a company somewhere will make one that can turn us into pro-gamers. 3,000 APM might be unachievable but we should be able to get well above 300 APM with one. Watch this space!

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