FitFlop Shoes Tone Your Muscles As You Walk

Could the FitFlop be the world’s first smart shoe, without actually containing any technology? Fitflop use their own system of changing the amount of material at the front, middle and back of the shoe to help your body out.

They claim that wearing their shoe increases your leg and bottom muscle activity by up to a third (over regular shoes we’re guessing). This should help you tone up these muscles whilst walking. They also absorb more shock than normal shoes, which is better for your joints. Some wearers of FitFlop sandals have even said that they have provided relief from many joint problems. So how do they work?

FitFlop put a high density material in the heel of their shoes (to absorb shocks), low density in the middle (to increase leg muscle usage), and mid density in the toe to increase the speed of your walking.

They don’t just offer one design either, there’s a whole range of them from trainers to sandals to boots. Prices range from $50 to $130.

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Price: $50.00 – $130.00
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