’s app for your phone reads your text message out aloud

It has been proven repeatedly that using a cell phone to talk or text is just as bad as having had a few drinks. With that in mind, not to mention that many states have either outlawed the practice or are about to, new handsfree technology is needed to help drivers to respond without taking their eyes off the road. is one such company providing an application to read text messages out aloud and send an automatic response saying that you will respond later. You can get the application for your Blackberry or Android phone with versions for iPhone and Windows Mobile on the way. You can get either a free ad-supported version or a premium version for a flat lifetime price or on a monthly subscription basis.

PS> If you’re a Federal employee, then you should also know that President Obama has banned federal employees from text messaging when they are behind the wheel of government vehicles and from texting in their own cars if they use government-issued phones or are on official business.

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Price: $13.95 1-time cost or $3.95/mo
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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  1. I think Text'nDrive offers a better texting alternative than this app for people who insist on checking their emails when driving. I don't think an email will ever be worth taking someone's life, so an app like this was needed. I think it's really cool that their site has a list of all the texting laws in the U.S. ( Worth taking a look at!

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