Update – DriveSafe’s App Speaks Your SMS

A while ago we covered DriveSafe.ly’s app for reading out your texts while you’re driving. Their apps initially covered BlackBerry and Android, but they’ve now extended their service to the iPhone and added some new exciting features…

When you receive a text while driving, the app will read it out to you and then ask you how you want to proceed. If you wish, you can choose to respond and the app’s speech recognition software will type out your message and send it back – cool! The app can also read out your Tweets and emails.

If you choose the ad-supported version you can get the apps for free, otherwise it will cost you $4/month (or $14/year) for a personal account, or to cover 4 phones on a family account $10/month (or $35/year). For business users it can work out how much you’ll save on car accidents by using the app.

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Price: Free! (ad-supported)
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