Happy New Year! And our 2010 Gadget Predictions

Happy New Year 2010!Happy New Year to you, our readers, your friends and family. Here’s hoping that 2010 is a better year for us all.

In the meantime, while we wait another 12 months to see how things will shake out, we dare to give you our humble predictions for what’s in store gadget and technology-wise for 2010. We’re not going to go too much out on a limb with our 2010 prophecies, because we don’t want to be too disappointed if they don’t come to pass!

Gadget Gifts – Ideas, Recommendations, Suggestions

We’ve put together a list of gadget gifts for the gizmo-lover in your life. These aren’t just great for the Christmas holiday season but any time of year. For the most part, we’ve tried to stay away from the usual and obvious electronic gadgets like MP3 players, phones and cameras, but instead bring you a variety of neat electronic gift ideas and in most cases useful items that are still worth their salt as far as gadgets go.


Let’s start with some toys/puzzles/games. Perplexus is a spherical 3-D maze with a ball bearing that you to need to navigate around a maze. Simply to learn, hard to solve and master!
Buy now!

Forensic gadgets you can buy for home use

Interested in becoming like one of those folks on CSI? Want to start toying around in your house first? Well take a look at this nice list of forensic gadgets you can buy for yourself. This article is from a site that is geared exactly to those folks looking to become CSIs.

They cover gadgets and kits such as protection from counterfeiters, thieves, and stalkers – my favorite is Purple Thief Detection powder; drug testing, fingerprint and other forensic kits; night goggles all the way to computer forensics software.

Top Three Weird, Must-Have Electronics

Wall Mounted CD Player - Black

Muji CD Player – This CD player isn’t your standard “walk-around-very-carefully” music device. As a matter of fact, it looks a lot like a little lamp. The Muji CD Player is wall ounted, and absolutely indispensable, at around $180. You mount it, and turn it on by pulling the string. It’s flat, with its own built in speakers, and the CD faces out, so there’s nothing jutting fron the wall that your annoying roommate can knock off when he’s jogging around the house.

Dj Hero – Apparently the rest of the music genre world was feeling a little left out, and called Activision to complain. As of Fall 2009, Activision is premiering “DJ Hero“. Players will be using a mini-turntable controller device to spin original records and tracks by some of the world’s most popular hip-hop, club techno and dance artists. Prices are TBA, but we know it won’t be cheap!

What Is A Gizmo?

The Nokia Morph Concept

We often use the words Gizmo and Gadget here at Gizmos for Geeks (as the name suggests), but what do they mean? The first thing is that “Gizmo” and “Gadget” pretty much mean the same thing, so this post could easily be titled ‘What Is A Gadget?

Princeton defines gizmos as ‘devices or controls that are very useful for a particular job’. A good starting point, although defines a gizmo as something ‘whose name is forgotten or unknown’ or a ‘novelty item used as a gimmick’. These definitions echo around the internet on various dictionary sites.

So a gizmo/gadget can be one of 2 things: something that is really helpful and useful to get a job done, or something that is completely useless and is just made for the novelty factor.

But, we like to think a gadget is anything that’s technologically cool, like most of the stuff we feature here on Gizmos for Geeks!

CES 2009: The Geeks Prepare

For the fifth straight year the Geeks are preparing for our annual pilgrimage to the holy land of consumer electronics… the Consumer Electronics Show.  Rather than report on every gadget at CES, we’ll provide our slant on the larger trends and focus on the few groundbreaking gizmos similar to what we’ve done over the past two years.  Stay tuned to the site – best way is to subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you are a fellow blogger coming to the show, learn from our past mistakes and read our articles on what to bring and tips for effectively covering the show.  With technology advances and lessons learned, we plan to update the list of what we are bringing later today.

Jeremy at LiveDigitally has analyzed and has CES down to a science for marketeers and bloggers.  He has a list of why CES this year will be awesome or lame.  Jeremy also maintains a CES survival tips list that is a must read if you are going to CES (chapstick – chapstick – chapstick).

If you are in town for CES and want to meet up at some point with the Geeks, shoot us an email.  This is the best opportunity to network with other CE fans and followers.

Here’s to yet another year at CES… hopefully all our gadget dreams will be fulfilled this year!

Myvic Electronic Cigarettes – simulate smoking

Like smoking but don’t want to quit? Well UK company Myvic is touting their Electronic Cigarette as the answer. Instead of the usual tobacco, tar and a gazillion other chemicals, the electronic cigarette is mostly nicotine. Yep, so you can stay addicted to that one chemical.

You still get smoke which is mostly water vapor, and you do have to refill your cigarette with a mixture of nicotine and propylene glycol. I do find it interesting that Myvic is touting this as a ‘health product’. Over the long haul, these will also save your wallet some heartache if not your lungs.

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