Gadget Gifts – Ideas, Recommendations, Suggestions

We’ve put together a list of gadget gifts for the gizmo-lover in your life. These aren’t just great for the Christmas holiday season but any time of year. For the most part, we’ve tried to stay away from the usual and obvious electronic gadgets like MP3 players, phones and cameras, but instead bring you a variety of neat electronic gift ideas and in most cases useful items that are still worth their salt as far as gadgets go.


Let’s start with some toys/puzzles/games. Perplexus is a spherical 3-D maze with a ball bearing that you to need to navigate around a maze. Simply to learn, hard to solve and master!
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Rubik 360

Professor Rubik is still inventing puzzles and games after all these years. His latest is the Rubik 360 which is also a sphere like Perplexus, but you need to get 6 balls into their correct spots. Not so easy now, is it?!
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Pet Fish Training System

Got pet fish/goldfish? Want them to do more than just swim around waiting for food? Train ’em. Yup, train your goldfish! Get them to do tricks – fetch, go through tubes, play soccer and more!
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iTech Portable Solar Charger

Now onto something that can save you in a pinch and helps you do your part to be more environment-friendly – a portable solar charger. This portable solar charger from iTech holds 1200mAh of power and with its adapters can be used to charge up most of your electronic gizmos like your MP3 player, phone and GPS. [Our Full Review]
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Honestech VHS to DVD System

Something that most of us have to face periodically in a world of ever-changing technology is that upgrading our technology means converting from one media type to another. Now that VHS video tapes are essentially dead, how do you convert them to DVD or get them on your computer. The VHS to DVD hardware/software combo product from Honestech helps you do just that. And it’s not a 1-trick pony either! [Our Full Review]
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Auto-Loading Screwdriver

No more losing those screwdriver bits, but instead having the right tool for the job at the touch of a button. This screwdriver is autoloading. That’s right. Pull back the handle, select the bit size you want, push back down and you’re ready to go.
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Watts Up? Power Meter

Electric bill too high? Then you need a Watts Up? power meter to figure out which appliances/devices are your power-hogs. The Watts Up? meter will calculate how much these are costing you. [Our full write-up]
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Taylor Digital Measuring Cup

Our favorite kitchen gadget that we saw recently – the Taylor digital measuring cup displays how much liquid or dry ingredients are in the cup on an LCD screen embedded in the handle. Genius.
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Powerlung Lung Capacity Trainer

For the fitness gadget enthusiast in your family/friend circle, get them the Powerlung. It’s a lung capacity machine that claims to expand your lung power by providing resistance. [Our full write-up]
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CyberClean Electronics Cleaner

Inexpensive, yet so versatile. Silly Putty of course! In this case, it has been adopted for use as a computer and electronics cleaner. It can be used to lift dirt and particles away from your keyboard, cracks, grills, fans and much more.
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We’re going to close with something that is way more popular, but is most definitely a top-notch gadget and its whole industry (eBook Readers or eReaders) is gaining ground by the day. We’re choosing the Kindle because they’ve really broken through to the average consumer with their product, not to mention the strides they’ve made in offering eBook versions of so many books in the Kindle Store. Of course, they’re not the only ones, but they’re certainly #1 right now. Choose between the Kindle and larger Kindle DX.
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In case one of these cool nerd gift ideas doesn’t strike your fancy, we have thousands more gizmos featured under the covers. Just click the Search button in the navigation bar underneath the logo at the top of this page!