CES 2009: The Geeks Prepare

For the fifth straight year the Geeks are preparing for our annual pilgrimage to the holy land of consumer electronics… the Consumer Electronics Show.  Rather than report on every gadget at CES, we’ll provide our slant on the larger trends and focus on the few groundbreaking gizmos similar to what we’ve done over the past two years.  Stay tuned to the site – best way is to subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you are a fellow blogger coming to the show, learn from our past mistakes and read our articles on what to bring and tips for effectively covering the show.  With technology advances and lessons learned, we plan to update the list of what we are bringing later today.

Jeremy at LiveDigitally has analyzed and has CES down to a science for marketeers and bloggers.  He has a list of why CES this year will be awesome or lame.  Jeremy also maintains a CES survival tips list that is a must read if you are going to CES (chapstick – chapstick – chapstick).

If you are in town for CES and want to meet up at some point with the Geeks, shoot us an email.  This is the best opportunity to network with other CE fans and followers.

Here’s to yet another year at CES… hopefully all our gadget dreams will be fulfilled this year!