Top Three Weird & Nerdy Gizmos

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Evil iPod Shuffle Case – If you love your iPod shuffle, and you’re a little on the evil side yourself, then you’ll love this little guy. In exchange for $1 (and possibly your immortal soul) you can stow your tunes and your Shuffle inside his skin. Be careful putting him in your pocket though; you never know where he might poke you!


Psychedelic Pool Light – By far the neatest pool lights you’ll see in a while. This neat little gadget is called the Kool-Light-O-Scope, and you can pick it up for around $35. Next time your parents take off for the weekend, or you feel like sneaking into the apartment pool for a late night dip, (with or without the hot chick in a bikini) take the light with you. You can choose from a number of awesome psychedelic designs that turn your pool into an amazing trip, sans the LSD.

TV Remote Gift Tin and Spectacles Case

TV Remote Eye Glasses Tin – The two things people lose the most often are glasses, and the TV remote. Which is why this product is so awesome! With the TV Remote Tin/Glasses Case, you can lose both things at the same time, for around $5! Or you can use the tin as a gag gift for that friend who really wants a universal remote, but really deserve a snack baggy filled with dog biscuits.

Written By Latest Devices.