Top Three Weird, Must-Have Electronics

Muji CD Player – This CD player isn’t your standard “walk-around-very-carefully” music device. As a matter of fact, it looks a lot like a little lamp. The Muji CD Player is wall ounted, and absolutely indispensable, at around $180. You mount it, and turn it on by pulling the string. It’s flat, with its own… Continue reading Top Three Weird, Must-Have Electronics

Canon PowerShot SD630

Mobility is something that many beginning photographers or recreational photographers look for when they look for a new camera. They also look for a camera that is both mobile and has all the great features that are in other cameras. If you are looking for an ultra-compact and ultra-slim camera then you need to look… Continue reading Canon PowerShot SD630

Helio Hero

If you are a Myspace addict then the Helio Hero is the phone for you. This phone has been developed to be multimedia heavy and includes many things that the younger generation looks for in a phone. The phone includes an audio and video player, IM and email-applications, games, and a 2 megapixel camera. The… Continue reading Helio Hero

BlackBerry Bold: Accessories

Cell phones are something that is becoming very popular. Just about every teenager has one and now even the older generations are starting to carry more cell phones. Most cell phone companies make their cell phones to make the majority of their customers happy. Although there are some people who like to customize their cell… Continue reading BlackBerry Bold: Accessories

Samsung SGH-T719

The Samsung SGH-T719 has the capabilities to check your email, something that used to only be available on Blackberry devices. This phone offers you the ability to send your emails all in its sleek package. The phone can easily be customized with all your personal information. Messages are easy to read on the 2.2 inch… Continue reading Samsung SGH-T719

Dell Inspiron 1420

With the Dell Inspiron 1420 you will be able to have plenty of power without sacrificing anything. This all-purpose notebook includes a long life battery, integrated mobile broadband and a 160GB hard drive. There are also optional webcam and Blu-ray Disc drive. A basic notebook, without all the optional equipment, will run you $1748. The… Continue reading Dell Inspiron 1420

Motorized Lounger Chair

  Do you love to sit and sunbath out in the pool? Have you ever thought how it would be nice to move around the pool instead of just sitting in one spot? Many people use lounger chairs in the pool so that they can sit on top of the water and just float around… Continue reading Motorized Lounger Chair

Fido Robotic Luggage

  Traveling is never a stress free experience. And then as you walk, you are continuously ramming the back of your feet with your luggage. This is never a happy time and usually you end up with bruising from the abuse from your luggage. Have you ever wished that your luggage would just follow you… Continue reading Fido Robotic Luggage