Opening the Door on Some Cool Garage Apps


The garage door goes up. The garage door goes down. To the casual neighbor passing by it might not look like anything special. But it’s what’s behind that door, and maybe more importantly, the technology behind it all that is quite special. New technology centering around that sometimes forgotten “room” in your house is blowing […]

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Review: DR32 1080p DashCam Video Recorder

DR32 Dash Cam

If you live in Russia and drive a car, there may be a higher-than-average chance that you have a dashcam (video camera in your car) and that it’s running all the time. Well so goes the stereotype at any rate! But if you’re in the market for a dash cam, read on for our review […]

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Update – DriveSafe’s App Speaks Your SMS


A while ago we covered’s app for reading out your texts while you’re driving. Their apps initially covered BlackBerry and Android, but they’ve now extended their service to the iPhone and added some new exciting features…

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Electric Formula-1 Car in Development


It’s not just regular consumer cars that are going green – race cars are doing it too. Electric connector manufacturer FCI has just signed a partnership with Formulec in order to sponsor a Formula One electric car race. According to its website, Formulec’s mission statement is “to promote motor racing of tomorrow through new and […]

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Get OnStar in Any Car with the OnStar FMV Car Mirror


Remember that scene in Die Hard 4.0 when Matt Farrell uses the 5 series BMW to get in touch with the emergency services? OnStar offers you the chance to do just that without going out and buying a BMW with fancy optional extras – a few hundred dollars is all you need to get it […]

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Automobile Cigarette Lighter to 120V AC Supply Looks Like a Coffee Cup


Converting your car’s cigarette lighter into a full household power supply is nothing new, but this one has all the wizardry contained in a box the shape and size of a takeaway coffee cup. This makes it the perfect size to fit in your car’s cup holder! Also no more fiddling around to find the […]

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Blind Man Drives Car Around Daytona Speedway

Blind Driver

Technology for blind people is advancing rapidly – recent new discoveries have been made that offer some degree of sight through a person’s tongue, but now imagine a car that can be driven, completely independently, by someone who has little or no sight. The National Federation for the Blind (NFB) and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and […]

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CES 2011: 2012 Ford Focus Electric

The new Ford Focus Electric was announced by Ford CEO Alan Mulally in a keynote speech at CES. With claims that the car will provide better mile-per-gallon equivalent (mpg-e) than the Chevy Volt and a full recharge in three to four hours which is half the time required to recharge the electric Nissan Leaf, the […]

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Porta-Jump – The Perfect Solution to a Dead Battery?

It’s cold at the moment and I mean really cold. Times like this you can’t afford to have your car fail on your (even if it does slip and slide all over the ice). If you’re worried about this happening to your car then you should invest in a jump starter. These can often be […]

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Actron Launches New Scanner, Mechanics Weep

2 years ago we reported on the CarMD that could tell you what was wrong with your car if a fault light came up on your dashboard. This was already looking a little dated in 2010 so we’ve got a new one for you: the ActronCP9180 Scanner. This little beauty will tell you in a […]

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