Porta-Jump – The Perfect Solution to a Dead Battery?

It’s cold at the moment and I mean really cold. Times like this you can’t afford to have your car fail on your (even if it does slip and slide all over the ice). If you’re worried about this happening to your car then you should invest in a jump starter.

These can often be recharged at home, kept in your boot, and taken out to jump your battery in an emergency. Problem is, they are often rather heavy instruments.

A product that offers a solution to this is the Porta-Jump; it’s a similar sort of thing to every other rechargeable jump starter out there except it’s tiny.

The deal is that this thing is smaller than a 3-inch cube but can still pack enough punch to bring a battery back to life (we hope – its small size does make it incredible!). This size means it fits perfectly well into your glove box or any other confined space.

To recharge it, all you need to do is plug it into your cigarette lighter – once the car gets going, the battery is charged off the gas and so will have enough spare to recharge your jumper; don’t worry that recharging it via your car will drain your battery.

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Price: $29.99
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