Get OnStar in Any Car with the OnStar FMV Car Mirror

Remember that scene in Die Hard 4.0 when Matt Farrell uses the 5 series BMW to get in touch with the emergency services? OnStar offers you the chance to do just that without going out and buying a BMW with fancy optional extras – a few hundred dollars is all you need to get it installed in any car.

The new accessory, OnStar FMV is a rearview mirror wired up with all of the usual OnStar goodies. It costs $300 plus $100 to get it installed and it helps you with accidents, emergencies, security, navigation and breakdowns.

The top reason to get an OnStar FMV mirror installed is that if you are in an accident, OnStar can be notified immediately and get a set of emergency services directly to your exact location as soon as possible. Similarly if your car breaks down, you push the assistance button and OnStar will send a breakdown recovery service to your location ASAP; or if your car gets stolen the same tracking device can provide information to the police to help track your vehicle.

The OnStar mirror also features the regular features of a SatNav system and Bluetooth hands free system, meaning you don’t have to buy those devices and thus save money.

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Price: $299.99 (plus installation and subscription costs) Coming soon.
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