Automobile Cigarette Lighter to 120V AC Supply Looks Like a Coffee Cup

Converting your car’s cigarette lighter into a full household power supply is nothing new, but this one has all the wizardry contained in a box the shape and size of a takeaway coffee cup. This makes it the perfect size to fit in your car’s cup holder!

Also no more fiddling around to find the end of the cigarette lighter adpater to plug your gadget into, as well as it having 2 standard power outlets.

All you do is plug the end of it into your cigarette lighter and it will convert the 12V supply to a fully-functioning 120V AC supply like you’d find in a house. There are two plugs in the top of the cup and you can charge up almost anything you like in your car.

The gizmo has overload protection and a low-battery shut off function.

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Price: $25.00
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