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Review PowerMat iPhone Charger and Case

PowerMat iPhone Charger The Powermat Wireless Charging System for the iPhone provides iPhone users a protective case that also charges cable free. Powermat sent the Geeks a Wireless Charging System for both the iPhone 3G/3GS and the iPhone 4 and we put the case in the hands of some of our reviewers for a couple months to test in real world situations. One reviewer did accidentally drop their shiny new iPhone 4 on a concrete parking deck during the test… did the Powermat protect the device? What were the reviewers overall impressions of the Powermat iPhone case?

Speedtest.Net iOS App

Must-Have Broadband Apps for iPhone and iPad

It is a fact that the iPhone (and now the iPad as well) has been one of the most successful product of the century and has become a dream purchase for many. Also the continually-increasing 3G infrastructure upgrades and growing number of WiFi networks across the globe have boosted data speeds.

In tandem with this growth, almost every broadband provider have built their own apps with various applications in mind. Here I have listed three (3) must-have apps categories with two (2) apps each for a total of 6 apps.

Best Gaming App My Favorite Gaming App Burger Queen

My Two New Favorite iPhone Gaming Apps – Burger Queen and Pocket Frogs

Best Gaming App My Favorite Gaming App Burger Queen To be honest, I’m usually not a huge fan of playing games on my iPhone 4. I don’t have a list of best gaming apps, but I have pretty basic gaming stuff on my phone such as Bejeweled, Solitare and Skeeball. I mostly download gaming apps on my phone for my preschool-aged daughter. When it comes to me, I’d rather check my e-mail, surf on the web or play around on Facebook.

While pursuing the iTunes store for gaming apps for my daughter the other day, I stumbled across two apps that caught my eye. So I downloaded them, and now I am completely hooked on both. I don’t know why I enjoy these two gaming apps so much, but I do. I do love them. And what is funny is that they are really quite different.

AT&T vs Verizon: Battle for the iPhone

iPhone on Verizon We no longer need to ask if Verizon will get the iPhone as at the time this post goes live, Verizon will have started taking pre-orders for existing customers to get the Apple iPhone 4 ready to run on Verizon’s more reliable CDMA wireless network instead of AT&Ts faster GSM wireless network. As we mentioned in an earlier post, we’re excited for the competition.

So the Geeks have gathered some data about Verizon and the iPhone and compared to AT&T in a handy Google Spreadsheet embedded in the jump to the next page. Let us know by leaving a comment if we missed anything on the spreadsheet.

Just Your Average 24-Carat Gold iPhone 4

Gold iPhone 4We’ve brought the Gold iPad to your attention but, let’s face it, at $200,000 it’s never going to leave your house! Here’s another stunning Apple product from Stuart Hughes and we think this one might just be affordable and portable enough to carry with you every day for a daily ego boost and egregious showing-off.

It’s an iPhone 4 with 150g of 24 carat gold adorning it. The price? Under $35,000 at the moment – you didn’t really believe it would be “affordable” did you? …

Apple iPhone Coming to Verizon – but no 4G LTE

iPhone on Verizon The years of speculation and rumors are over, Verizon finally announced that the Apple iPhone will be “coming to America’s most reliable network” at the Verizon press conference this morning. The Apple iPhone will be available on February 10th, 2011 and existing subscribers are able to pre-order on February 3rd on a “first come, first serve” basis via The pre-orders will only be taken online for both consumer and business. New customers have to wait for the February 10th launch to purchase in select channels.

Pricing for Verizon’s iPhone 4 is similar to AT&Ts pricing starting at $199.99 for the 16GB model and $299.99 for the 32GB model. This pricing requires a 2 year commitment to Verizon. Existing Verizon users are able to redeem their New Every Two credit but there will be no early upgrade promotions like AT&T offered last year. Minimum service requires a nationwide plan with a data package, but pricing has not been released yet.

If you just purchased a phone on Verizon within the past 30 days, you can exchange the phone with a restocking fee to “upgrade” to an iPhone 4.

Logic3’s Compact LCD ProDock for iPod and iPhone Packs a Punch

Logic 3 has been a leader in the UK speaker market for some time now, but with the LCD ProDock they’ve really outdone themselves and produced a compact dock that packs a punch and looks absolutely gorgeous too.

The idea behind the dock is that you drop your iPod or iPhone onto the dock and wire the dock up to your TV or hi-fi. You can then control it from your sofa with the provided remote.

Review: Krypton iPhone 3G/3GS Case

Krypton Products iPhone 3G/3GS Case The Geeks received some Krypton Products a couple months ago then put the products to real world testing. This review concentrates on the Krypton iPhone 3G/3GS Flex Case.

The iPhone 3G/3GS Krypton Flex Case includes several funky styles: Black Pyramids, Black Groove, Orange Groove and White Spiral. As mentioned, these cases were tested by several reviewers and it was hard for the reviewers to choose the style they wanted. Orange and Black Groove went first followed by Black Pyramids. Personally, I preferred the Black Groove style but would have used any case.

Review: Krypton iPhone/iPod Touch Screen Armor

Krypton Screen Armor for iPhones The Geeks received some Krypton Products a couple months ago then put the products to real world testing. This review concentrates on the Krypton iPhone Screen Armor.

In each Screen Armor box you receive two films, a microfiber cloth, a Krypton Sticky (to remove pesky air bubbles) and an Application Card to apply the screen armor to the screen. As you can see from the picture (taken by Gadget Girl Photos), Krypton Products have several screen armor versions for the iPhone Ultra-Clear, Anti-Glare, Mirror and 360 Privacy with different film versions. The film names speak for themselves. For example, the Anti-Glare screen removes the glare from direct light whereas the Ultra-Clear film is transparent.

6x Telescoping Optical Zoom Lens for the iPhone

6X Telescope with Crystal Case for iPhone 4GWith the advent of smartphones like the iPhone, Android and WebOS handsets, it seems that anything that can be an app is an app. But that’s not all, the ports on these phones also allow for accessories to be plugged in to extend their functionality.

Take this 6x telescoping lens for the iPhone 4G for example. It looks unwieldly, but this is a real life optical zoom lens for your phone, and you may not care if you’re into photography. Let me repeat that – for your phone! Also crazy is that it’s under $20. I’m a little skeptical about how well this works as it’s from one of those sites that sells just about anything that anyone can dream up but for another $3 in shipping, you could find out yourself!

Buy now!
Price: $18.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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