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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cell Phones of 2007

The gadget bloggers at fosfor gadgets decided to run a piece on the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cell Phones of 2007. As many commenters pointed out, it’s only the middle of the year, so I’m really interested in seeing an updated version of this article in late Dec/early Jan. But forget about the time period for a second, and just take a look at the variety and number of very cool looking phones that exist today. Remember when a cell phone was all black, with a small monochrome screen?

Samsung Blackjack From Cingular – First Impressions & Experience

PeterH over at Techlore takes a closer look at the Samsung Blackjack.

Recently, I learned that my workplace will not be supporting Palm OS devices through our connection software due to the limited number of licenses. As a self-professed Calendar and Reminders addict – constantly checking my trusty Treo 650 to see if something had popped up – I was concerned I wouldn’t find an adequate replacement. I had wanted an iPhone (because it’s just damn cool) but Apple and I are having a falling out. I love you Apple, but you’re sleeping on the couch for a while. No 3G at launch? Are you nuts?

Source: TechLore

Chief Gizmateer on the Radio

So there I was… waiting in my seat before takeoff on the flight back from CES ’07 and Toronto 640 called and asked for an interview on their Sunday show about our CES coverage and the iPhone. I agreed and went on air for the first time on January 14th.

Apparently I did ok because they asked me back last week and in about forty-five minutes I will go on for the third time. Here’s the show lineup for the day.

3:30 Doug Felteau – Chief Gizmoteer with This week, Arlene & Doug chat about the future of video, including the war between HD-DVD’s and Blu-ray Discs. Also, a look at Video-On-Demand and where it’s headed in this technologically-hooked society.

I have been recording the sessions and will make available on Gizmos for Geeks soon. Consider that our weekly podcast!

Geekfoolery Compares New Apples to Old Apples

Mr. Alex compares new apples to old apples after Apple Computer, Inc. launches their iPhone. So the question is… does Mr. Alex think the iPhone is worth owning?

I read an article about Steve Jobs in a news magazine about a year or so ago that asked the question, “What kind of technical gadgets does the world’s most demanding designer of technical gadgets buy?” The article described the man in the black turtleneck visiting a cell phone store, looking over their wares, no doubt unable to stop wondering why the hell that feature was implemented that way, and why do I have to do this when I want to do that, and what is that button doing there? It is like forcing a world-class chef to have the potato skins (loaded) at the Burger Basket at the strip mall.

Read the article on Geekfoolery.

CES 2007: What Was Popular?

I’ve heard lots of people at the show, and even on the plane back say that it [the show] was boring and/or there was nothing that stood out. So I wondered how could I figure out what the most popular thing(s) was/were. I decided that in this day of user-generated content, particularly videos, that YouTube would be a great, if not scientific, way of getting the pulse on what was popular.

I did a search for “CES 2007”, and then sorted by both the View Count and the Rating. By View Count, the #1 video is one called “A Look at Steve’s MacWorld 07 AV Kit”; it’s 18 seconds long and doesn’t contain anything useful, so I’m discounting it. Out of the first 20 results, Honda’s Asimo robot is tops; there are 4 entries for new WowWee robots, including Elvis and the Roboquad; Bill Gates’ keynote gets a lot of coverage, and also notable is the 3D wheel remote by Hillcrest labs. There are other things, but you can take a look at the full list when you get a chance.

Macworld Rumors from MacRumors with Apple Phone leading the way

Apple Phone MacRumors posted their annual roundup of Apple rumors going into Macworld with the Apple Phone leading the rumor mill. Granted the Apple Phone (recently guessed as the iPhone) has been a long-standing rumor dating back to 2002, this rumor seems to be credible this year with Taiwan’s Hon Hai leaking that they received a 12 million unit contract. All I know is that I’m in a holding pattern to upgrade my Treo right now.

Other rumors that should heat up even more before Macworld include an 8-Core Mac Pro, iTV, Leopard, new displays, iLife ’07 (virtually a given announcement will occur) and new full Video iPods.

Indigo 4 Pro INSTEON-compatible Home Automation Software for Mac

Light Show Master: Software to Create Animated Light Shows

Light Show Master: Software to Create Animated Light Shows

Shoot, we’re so sorry we didn’t post this sooner. For you Home Automation and INSTEON fans out there, there is a free piece of software from JLTSoft that lets you create animated light shows using INSTEON to control lights. It’s not too late to get in on this action, as Smarthome is offering a $20 coupon for anyone purchasing an INSTEON Starter Kit. But back to the software. It’s called the Light Show Master and it runs on Windows. It’s currently in beta but already looks pretty slick and the best part – it’s free!

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