My Two New Favorite iPhone Gaming Apps – Burger Queen and Pocket Frogs

Best Gaming App My Favorite Gaming App Burger Queen

Best Gaming App My Favorite Gaming App Burger Queen To be honest, I’m usually not a huge fan of playing games on my iPhone 4. I don’t have a list of best gaming apps, but I have pretty basic gaming stuff on my phone such as Bejeweled, Solitare and Skeeball. I mostly download gaming apps on my phone for my preschool-aged daughter. When it comes to me, I’d rather check my e-mail, surf on the web or play around on Facebook.

While pursuing the iTunes store for gaming apps for my daughter the other day, I stumbled across two apps that caught my eye. So I downloaded them, and now I am completely hooked on both. I don’t know why I enjoy these two gaming apps so much, but I do. I do love them. And what is funny is that they are really quite different.

The first app I downloaded was the $0.99 “Burger Queen.” The basic idea of the game is to serve your customers their requested burgers, fries, beverages and desserts all at the same time and as quickly as possible. The first level is quite simple (just making burgers), and then each level gets progressively harder as fries, chicken sandwiches, ice cream and drinks are added to the mix, orders are given in sets, equipment malfunctions and impatient customers walk away. I love the thrill of getting an order correct and keeping as many customers as possible happy in order to get to the next level. This is an extremely fast paced game that tests both organizational and time management skills. As a gal that worked for Pizza Hut Express during my high school years, this is right up my alley. There are 65 levels and which then open an additional 6 challenge levels. I’m on level 58. I know I can win the whole shebang!

Pocket Frogs” was the second app that I decided to give a try. This free application is much slower paced than “Burger Queen” and it has a “Farmville” feel to it. The premise is that you are in charge of a frog nursery that breeds frogs, and you can either sell the frogs for profit or keep them for pleasure. As you wait for your frogs to hatch and mature, you can spend in-game coins on supplies to make your habitats “prettier” and your frogs “happier.” There is a “pond minigame” that allows you to tame and breed your frogs. In the pond, frogs jump from lily pad to lily pad and eat dragonflies. Playtime in the pond leads to the increased “happiness” of your frogs and adds points to your score. The pond is also a place to find all sorts of gifts such as coins, stamps, potions and items to beautify your habitats. Adding décor to the frogs’ habitats increases frog happiness as well. As you move up each level in “Pocket Frogs”, you are able to collect more frogs and add more habitats. If you join the Plus+ System, you can view friends’ habitats. Up to 50 frogs can be saved in your frog catalog. As of right now, I have 32 frogs in 4 habitats and I can’t wait to increase the number. This game is quite addictive and acts as a lovely time waster.

Even when I don’t have the time to be playing games, I find myself sneaking a peek at my frogs or building a few burgers. So I’ll give both of these apps “two thumbs up.” Actually no. I’ll give both of these apps “two sore index fingers up” because I’m playing these games way too much.