Logic3’s Compact LCD ProDock for iPod and iPhone Packs a Punch

Logic 3 has been a leader in the UK speaker market for some time now, but with the LCD ProDock they’ve really outdone themselves and produced a compact dockĀ that packs a punch and looks absolutely gorgeous too.

The idea behind the dock is that you drop your iPod or iPhone onto the dock and wire the dock up to your TV or hi-fi. You can then control it from your sofa with the provided remote.

So what makes this dock different to other similar docks on the market at the moment? The first is that it should be a good quality buy as it’s produced by Logic3, but it’s mainly because of its looks.

The device is incredibly small for what it does, but still produces a visual bang. The remote control also has a LCD screen on it meaning that you can browse your iPod or iPhone without having to squint to see the small screen in the distanceĀ – nice. A 10m cable is provided for wiring it up to your TV/AV system.

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Price: $99.99
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