Review: Krypton iPhone/iPod Touch Screen Armor

Krypton Screen Armor for iPhones The Geeks received some Krypton Products a couple months ago then put the products to real world testing. This review concentrates on the Krypton iPhone Screen Armor.

In each Screen Armor box you receive two films, a microfiber cloth, a Krypton Sticky (to remove pesky air bubbles) and an Application Card to apply the screen armor to the screen. As you can see from the picture (taken by Gadget Girl Photos), Krypton Products have several screen armor versions for the iPhone Ultra-Clear, Anti-Glare, Mirror and 360 Privacy with different film versions. The film names speak for themselves. For example, the Anti-Glare screen removes the glare from direct light whereas the Ultra-Clear film is transparent.

Once you remove the various pieces from the vase, you use the PerfectPolish™ Application System to ensure a bubble-free zone for your Screen Armor. Screen Armor uses static adhesion to secure to your iPhone.

Screen Armor uses static adhesion to stay securely on your iPhone screen—no messy adhesive, no gooey residue. The Krypton PerfectPolish™ application method helps prevent those dreadful air pockets. As a perfectionist when it comes to my screen with the film placed perfectly and no bubbles, the install took me between 5-10 minutes.

While using similar products in the past I have always been frustrated with the sensitivity of the device (iPhone in this case). The Krypton Products Screen Armor does not tone down the sensitivity of the iPhone and the slick surface of the product allows apps requiring precision to work as normal. This is critical as without a precise angle I couldn’t catapult my Angry Birds perfectly destroying the taunting pig’s forts. Other non-critical applications such as the finger swipe and menu navigation are accurate as well.

After weeks of use, the Screen Armor does get dirty especially after allowing my daughter to borrow the device to play her games. The Screen Armor simply needs to be removed and washed with soap and water. Once dried, Screen Armor can be re-applied so make sure you hang on to your application tools.

One last item I need to make note of is that Krypton Products is a conscious company and is committed to maintaining a neutral carbon footprint. Krypton went paperless in 2008 and donates a percentage of sales every year to the Conservation Fund, an organization committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation in the US.

The Geeks appreciate Krypton’s eco-friendly stance but are also impressed with how easily and well the install process for the Screen Armor works not to mention the product performs well and protects your iPhone while providing the various features (Anti-Glare, Mirror, Ultra-Clear and 360 Privacy). You won’t waste your money on this one.

You can purchase Krypton products at Amazon.

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)