Must-Have Broadband Apps for iPhone and iPad

It is a fact that the iPhone (and now the iPad as well) has been one of the most successful product of the century and has become a dream purchase for many. Also the continually-increasing 3G infrastructure upgrades and growing number of WiFi networks across the globe have boosted data speeds.

In tandem with this growth, almost every broadband provider have built their own apps with various applications in mind. Here I have listed three (3) must-have apps categories with two (2) apps each for a total of 6 apps.

Speed Testing apps

  • is a free speed analysis service for all types of broadband connections. This service is provided by Ookla to help users to identify the speed and performance of their internet connection to ensure reliability from their service provider. Also iPhone users can test their mobile internet services like Edge, 3G and WiFi with an exclusive mobile app that can be downloaded from the Apple app store. The latest app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can run download, upload and ping test from various choices of servers across the world.

Speedtest.Net iOS App
Speedtest.Net iPhone/iPad App
  • 3G Test is a free iPhone app created by Junxian Huang, which can be used to test the speed and performance of the Edge, WiFi and 3G networks. 3G Test app indicates the local and global IP addresses, upload and download speed, signal strength, DNS lookup, ping test results, TCP connection strength and much more. This app can be downloaded and installed in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

WiFi Finder apps

  • BTFON WiFi is a free iPhone and iPad app which can be downloaded and used to identify the WiFi hotspots available nearest to the user in UK. BT offers almost two million free WiFi hotspots in UK and 400,000 WiFi hotspots across the globe. So it might be hard for the users to locate the nearest WiFi zone. So BT has introduced the BTFON WiFi app which can scan for the available wireless networks and show the one nearest the user. Also users might not need to remember the username and password every time to login. Instead the app would store the login information once for all and can be login just by a single touch.

Easy WiFi iPhone/iPad app
Easy WiFi iPhone/iPad app
  • Easy WiFi is another free iPhone app which allows users to access the Easy WiFi networks which is one of the largest WiFi networks in the world with around 300,000 WiFi hotspots. Easy WiFi app allows users from different WiFi networks to login to the Easy WiFi networks automatically. Also users can find the access locations, login automatically, provide free Easy WiFi networks usage, integrate with social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Google apps, etc, add multiple accounts, etc.

Free Calling

  • Viber iPhone app provides free international calling facility from the iPhone without using the mobile minutes. Users can call to any one across the globe who is on Viber either using the 3G or WiFi network. Viber iPhone app can be downloaded and used instantly. Some of the most important features of the app are: it does not include any hidden costs or charges even for international calling, free of ads, no registration or login info is required, highlights Viber users from the contacts, free calls to all Viber users, automatically gets the Viber number if the users knows the phone number, great sound quality and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Skype iPhone app
Skype iPhone app
  • SKYPE is one of the most used iPhone apps which can be used to make and receive free calls and text messages, nationally or internationally. It also does not use any voice plan, instead uses the 3G or WiFi data plans. But Skype iPhone app outfits Viber by allowing calls even to mobile phone numbers and devices other than iPhone.

These are some of the most essential broadband apps which would help iPhone and iPad users who are on the 3G and WiFi networks.

Shahul Hameed is a broadband analyst at VAC Media. Shahul reports on UK broadband provider performance, technologies, and markets for VAC’s Broadband Suppliers site.

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  2. application is indeed important. Actually I use android phone at the moment and my phone can’t perform speed test at website. Fortunately, I try to find on Android market and this application is available to download for free. Anyway, I don’t know this application exist before you mentioned it here, so thanks a lot 🙂

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