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Apple Readying To Announce New iPhone?

iPhone 3GS, 4S, and 5

On the back of the recent announcement, from Apple, regarding the flatter but more “depthy” version of iOS, Internet rumors abound that the company may be preparing to announce one or more new iPhone product(s).

This kind of speculation does the rounds on an almost annual basis but this time the rumors are supported by the likes of Reuters and Stuff. Whether there will be an iPhone 5S before a full-blown 6 is not yet known but it does sound as if another new physical display size is likely to appear – with a possible 5.7” display reportedly in the works. Whatever the speculation we can be pretty sure a new iPhone will be announced at some point and our best guess (wish list!) of features is likely to include: a 12 megapixel camera, an A7 processor, NFC, and longer battery life.

Apple iPhone sales “remain resilient” against other brands, according to a Tech Trader Daily report, including Windows Phone 8 which IB Times are reporting has seen sales growth, in British smartphone sales from February to April 2013, of “up 4.4% on the same period last year”.

What features would you like to see in a new iPhone from Apple?

WaterField Design’s iPhone Hint Review

iPhone Hint WaterField Designs provided the Geeks with an iPhone Hint to play with and review. WaterField Designs is a boutique bag and case designer based in San Francisco, the mecca for cool and unique bag and case manufacturers. Founded by a bike messenger, WaterField Designs make bags for bagophiles and have exapanded to cases for everything from Kindles and iPads to iPhones, Macs and even Keyboards.

The iPhone Hint has been designed for those times where you really need to only have your phone, a Driver’s License and some Jacksons or Benjamins.

iPhone Dropped to Third

Blackberry Broken According to Wireless Week, HTC shipped the most smartphones in the US in Q3 2011 with 5.7 million smartphones shipped. Samsung shipped 4.9 million and Apple shipped 4.6 million providing Android a number one and two spot in US shipments. RIM continues the free slide dropping to under 10% share of shipments.

With the Apple 4S release at the beginning of this quarter, Apple should reach the #1 spot again for new shipments during Q4 2011. With that said, the aggregated mobile OS view will remain in the favor of Android supported by multiple manufacturers.

Additionally, according to Information Week, Android has surpassed the iPhone in App downloads holding 44% of App downloads while Apple clings to a 31% download share.

Courage iPhone Case – Profits go to Japanese Earthquake Victims

March 11, 2011 was a terrifying and devastating moment for the people of Japan. The rest of the world woke up to find pictures of a developed country torn to pieces and the events that unfolded during the following days and weeks to be just as horrific.

One of many companies that have been good corporate citizens is the Primary Case Company who have designed a new iPhone case, retailing at $30, where 100% of the profits go to helping victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

The limited edition case is made out of bamboo and is completely eco-friendly. Engraved in the back of it is “courage” written in both English and Japanese. Also included is the exact date and time of when the earthquake occurred. The case not only looks good, but your money will be used to help the victims.

Buy now!
Price: $30
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

What’s The Difference Between an iPad and an iPhone?

Here’s another back-to-basics article that will straighten out this question once and for all.

If you type “What’s the difference between an iPad and an…” into Google, it auto-suggests that you mean “What’s the difference between an iPad and an iPhone“, which implies that there are more than a few people searching for the answer to just that question. And is it turns out, there are more similarities than differences which makes it a fairly valid question.

iPhone 4 7-Piece Toolkit For DIY Repairs

If you’re into repairing or modding phones yourself then this little kit should get you really excited. NewerTech, suppliers of hundreds of accessories for Apple-related products have designed a 7-piece toolkit to help you gain access to, and modify, your iPhone 4.

The NewerTech kit includes 2 screwdrivers to fit the 2 different types of screws that are used on different batches of iPhone 4, and even includes a set of the easier-to-use screws for you to put back in afterwards, making it easier to open next time. …

MyWi App: Save Money on iPad 3G, Buy a Wi-Fi iPad and Tether to your iPhone

If you want an iPad with 3G but don’t want to pay the extra money then you can tether it to your iPhone and use your iPhone’s unlimited data plan. The app to do this is MyWi and allows you to use your iPhone as a 3G modem for your iPad.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, this only works on Jailbroken iPhones so there is a risk involved. The app costs $10 and comes with a 10 day free trial.

Buy now!
Price: $10
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

White Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 Now Available in White

White Apple iPhone 4The white version of the iPhone 4 has landed. Same specs as the black iPhone 4: 16/32GB, front and rear video cameras, HD video recording, 5 Megapixel camera, etc. From $199/$299. On AT&T or Verizon. Or of course unlocked if you like to roll that way.

What do you think? Do you like how it looks in all white?

When is a vendor going to get really adventurous and go beyond black and white into more interesting colors? Blue? Red? Pink? Flourescent-something?!

iPhone tax Apps

Top iPhone Apps to Help You with Your Taxes

iPhone tax AppsHooray, tax time is here again! I know you are thrilled, I can see it in your face. Before you fall off your seat in excitement, let me help you out with some tips that might make this tax season just a bit easier than last year.

With the constant influx of new portable computing and network-connected devices, doing your taxes no longer consists of just taking your information to your accountant and having them fill out your 1040 form with a pencil. Doing your taxes is now more technology-assisted than ever with the majority of people choosing to e-file their taxes through programs like Turbo Tax, TaxAct, H&R Block amongst many other online sources.

But even tax filing has spread to smartphones and tablets that are growing rapidly. For example, there are more than a few iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS) apps that can make filing your taxes quicker and more convenient. I know, this is probably not a big surprise since there are apps for everything from calculating tips to performing voodoo ceremonies. Nonetheless, here is an overview of the best apps that will make filing your taxes a breeze:

Plug-In Compact iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock

Similar to Quirky, Kickstarter is another website that helps back designer’s innovative ideas, as long as enough money is pledged to the product. The idea we’re featuring today is the WALdok – a iPhone/iPod plug-in speaker, and has already met its funding pledge so will go into production on the 9th of April this year.

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