iPhone 4 7-Piece Toolkit For DIY Repairs

If you’re into repairing or modding phones yourself then this little kit should get you really excited. NewerTech, suppliers of hundreds of accessories for Apple-related products have designed a 7-piece toolkit to help you gain access to, and modify, your iPhone 4.

The NewerTech kit includes 2 screwdrivers to fit the 2 different types of screws that are used on different batches of iPhone 4, and even includes a set of the easier-to-use screws for you to put back in afterwards, making it easier to open next time. Also included are 2 prying tools to get your case open.

Along with these more standard pieces, you get a set of tweezers to help you navigate around your device, a pick to help you open up your case and a small suction cap to help you remove the display without scratching it – neat!

Pricing for this is $10 and should give you many hours of fun, or at least save you costly repairs!

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Price: $9.99
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