WaterField Design’s iPhone Hint Review

iPhone Hint WaterField Designs provided the Geeks with an iPhone Hint to play with and review. WaterField Designs is a boutique bag and case designer based in San Francisco, the mecca for cool and unique bag and case manufacturers. Founded by a bike messenger, WaterField Designs make bags for bagophiles and have exapanded to cases for everything from Kindles and iPads to iPhones, Macs and even Keyboards.

The iPhone Hint has been designed for those times where you really need to only have your phone, a Driver’s License and some Jacksons or Benjamins.

I received the black iPhone Hint to review and tested the iPhone Hint for roughly a month in various life situations.

The black case is primarily made of leather with a large front window to view the iPhone’s face and a back stretchy material that can hold you credit cards, driver’s license and money. Inside the iPhone pocket is a soft felt-like material to make sure your iPhone remains unscratched. The soft leather is expertly sewn and put together so the inside of the window is layered over by the soft felt inside. Very impressive craftsmanship.

iPhone Hint Moving on to functionality, The Hint provides easy access to deposit the iPhone into the iPhone pocket. Placing items in the exterior pocket meant to hold money, drivers license and credit cards is a bit more difficult when the iPhone is in the pocket. I have found removing items from the exterior pocket are impossible without taking the iPhone out of the pocket. This is both good and bad as the stretchy back pocket securely holds your cash and credit cards so they don’t accidentally fall out, but when making purchases you look a little awkward pulling the iPhone out of its pocket first then your credit card or cash. I realized this as an issue for using the Hint while travelling where you need to pull out a credit card to pull your air tickets, then your drivers license for security and credit cards for a coffee then a water and magazine. I realized I was using the product not as intended and noticed WaterField Designs has a product more appropriate to replace your wallet called the iPhone Wallet.

The front window provides the ability to see your iPhone and determine who is texting or calling. As with any other protective case that isn’t simply a film you apply to the iPhone, I had issues responding to a text or typing in a contacts name to call by fat-fingering using the window. This is fairly standard for me.

The iPhone Hint definitely “fits the bill” when you want something light to run to the gym, hang out at a Starbucks or are heading to a friends to catch the game on TV. If you are looking for more of a wallet, check out the iPhone Wallet. In addition to the iPhone Hint and Wallet, WaterField Designs also carries iPad Cases, bags, camera cases, gaming cases and more.

You can purchase the iPhone Hint ($25) and iPhone Wallet ($39) directly from sfbags.com.

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)

8 thoughts on “WaterField Design’s iPhone Hint Review”

  1. This is looking really very useful thing to carry more things in a little bag and which will be give good security to your money and important documents.

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  3. I hope there are more features that come's along with this product to make it more useful than just merely a storage for couple of hundred dollar bills.

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