iPhone Dropped to Third

Blackberry Broken According to Wireless Week, HTC shipped the most smartphones in the US in Q3 2011 with 5.7 million smartphones shipped. Samsung shipped 4.9 million and Apple shipped 4.6 million providing Android a number one and two spot in US shipments. RIM continues the free slide dropping to under 10% share of shipments.

With the Apple 4S release at the beginning of this quarter, Apple should reach the #1 spot again for new shipments during Q4 2011. With that said, the aggregated mobile OS view will remain in the favor of Android supported by multiple manufacturers.

Additionally, according to Information Week, Android has surpassed the iPhone in App downloads holding 44% of App downloads while Apple clings to a 31% download share.


  1. Nice analysis very informative.I thought Samsung could go up the HTC in the Q3 but my thoughts not come true.I hope Apple will defiantly reach the first spot in the Q4 pushing HTC down to second spot.

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