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Is 2012 the Year of the 3D Printer?

It looks like 2012 could be the year the 3D printer breaks out. As prices creep down towards $1,000 per unit, 3D printers are now within the reach of small design companies, and it may not be long before they’re in all our homes too. But is it time to buy? Here are three things to consider before becoming an early adopter of 3D printing technology.

Bluetooth Headset Roundup – some top picks

Motorola FinitiAlthough many people think of time behind the wheel as the perfect opportunity to catch up with a friend, family member or co-worker over the phone, in reality it can be a truly dangerous activity if you are not properly prepared. Holding a cell phone which talking and especially while talking is a leading cause of car accidents, which can in turn raise your auto insurance payments or worse end your life. Invest in a Bluetooth headset and start talking hands-free. To help you avoid the agony of researching hundreds of models, here’s a list of 4 top-notch BT headsets.

The Roku: Simplifying Your Entertainment Viewing Process

Roku 2 XDRoku has been making streaming media players for some time now (we featured their Soundbridge in 2004!), but seems to have just recently made real waves in the entertainment industry. As more of our entertainment comes via the Web or Internet, with services like Netflix streaming, Hulu, and YouTube, having a device that can integrate all of that plus your tv entertainment on your television is almost essential. This is where a Roku box solves your diversity-of-entertainment problem.

Macintosh circa 1984

Top 5 Macintosh Innovations that Blew Minds in 1984

Macintosh circa 1984Flashback to 1984. Ms. Pac-Man had struck a blow for women’s rights and a young Joe Piscopo taught us all how to laugh. A young, cocksure Steve Jobs stepped into the spotlight to introduce a machine destined to revolutionize the personal computer. The Macintosh (128k) was born and home computing was never the same again.

Flash forward to 2012—the Macintosh and Apple brands have become such a ubiquitous part of our lives and culture that it’s hard to imagine just how “mind blowing” the Mac was back then.

A bunch of smartphones!

3 Ways to Use Your Smartphone’s Camera When Traveling

A bunch of smartphones!

Many people leave their gorgeous smartphones at home when heading to other countries and/or take cheap phones so that they don’t risk losing them. But have you thought about how your smartphone, especially its camera, could help you out when you travel?

Here’s how and when your phone’s camera (especially if it’s a good 8 Megapixel camera say on one of the latest Samsung phones or the new iPhone 4S) can be useful to you.

OnLive on an iPad for gaming

The iPad as a Gaming Console

OnLive on an iPad for gaming

The impossibility of technology can often be well…seemingly impossible. There has been some talk about OnLive. I say some because many have deemed what OnLive claims to be able to do impossible. Many gaming sites such as EuroGamer don’t believe it is possible, but with the testing of an avid gamer on Popular Science, Dan Nosowitz says that it is.

OnLive now offers the same abilities it once claimed to be available on the iPad, Honeycomb tables—like the Motorola Xoom—the Kindle Fire and Android smartphones. So what does that mean?

GPS Waypoint

Gadgets we got from the Military

There are many gadgets that we’ve ‘inherited’ courtesy of the military that we take for granted yet enrich our daily lives. The US Department of Defense (DoD) has a sizable portion of its financial budget that is partially secret that goes towards R&D on cutting-edge and next-generation technology. Over the past 80 years or so, a number of current consumer technologies have stemmed either directly or indirectly from DoD-directed research and even actual products that the US military has used in the field.
Here are just 4 of some of the notable ones that we use and benefit from today.


5 Alternate High-Tech Christmas Gift Options

GiftsDecember is finally upon us, the Thanksgiving turkey is all gone and the festive shopping season is in full swing. This Christmas, you probably have quite a few gadgets on your wish list, and your family, friends and kids will have lots of ideas about what they’d like to find under the tree.

Looking for a few different options to fill their stockings? Here are a few less common choices to mention to Santa before the big day rolls around.

Ringtone-Making Made Free And Easy: 6 Free Ringtone-Making Apps For Your Phone And Computer

One of the longest continuing trends in mobile phones is the personalization of ringtones. Now that modern smartphones are as good as computers, you can make any song your own personal ringtone. Moreover, you will not have to buy these ringtones. You can make them for free with free apps. Read on to find out more.

2 USB connectors

6 of the Best Hi-Tech Hotels for Geeks on the Go

2 USB connectors

We have hurtled head-first into the digital age, so it’s high time that our holiday homes get tech-friendly too. Taking our prized tech possessions on our travels is easier than ever before, but finding a hotel to cater for all our connection needs can often be a challenge.

So, what’s the solution? A new breed of hotels that cater for well-connected tech whizzes could be the answer. Whether you want a luggage robot, a speaking sofa or a silent doorbell system, these hi-tech hotels have got it all.

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