6 of the Best Hi-Tech Hotels for Geeks on the Go

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We have hurtled head-first into the digital age, so it’s high time that our holiday homes get tech-friendly too. Taking our prized tech possessions on our travels is easier than ever before, but finding a hotel to cater for all our connection needs can often be a challenge.

So, what’s the solution? A new breed of hotels that cater for well-connected tech whizzes could be the answer. Whether you want a luggage robot, a speaking sofa or a silent doorbell system, these hi-tech hotels have got it all.

Hotel Sax, Chicago

Tech specs: a studio lounge with Rock Band and Guitar Hero

Ever fancied yourself as a fledgling rock star? The appropriately named Hotel Sax in Chicago is all about the musak. The ‘Studio Lounge’ is a stairway to heaven for budding rock gods, with Guitar Hero and Wii games on tap. Free Wi-Fi and widescreen TVs are pretty much a given wherever you go, but how many hotels will lend you a laptop and a swanky Zune mp3 player to boot?

Hotel 1000, Seattle, US

Tech specs: a silent doorbell system

Seattle may be the city that never sleeps, but guests staying at Hotel 1000 will be sure to get a good night’s rest. This hi-tech hotel has a silent doorbell system that lets staff know whether you’re ready for housekeeping or not. When the doorbell is pushed, an infra-red light scans your room and if it detects movement, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign pops up on the door. As if this wasn’t enough to please all the hi-tech fans out there, Hotel 1000 also boasts baths that fill with water from the ceiling!

Cotswold House, Gloucestershire, England

Tech specs: $21,747 bed made from 10,000 capsules

This hi-tech house is a futuristic flight of fancy with all the amenities the modern traveller could require. The stylish rooms have an entertainment system that lets you download your digital snaps while you listen to your favourite tunes. For the ultimate treat, book a night in one of the brand new Montrose Rooms, where you can dream the night away on a $21,747 bed made from 10,000 capsules designed for the body’s contours.

Yotel, New York, US

Tech specs: world’s first luggage robot

Stationed outside airports in New York and London, the Yotel has got to be the best stop-over hotel of the 21st century. Futuristic furniture surrounds you on all sides, from the motorised moving beds to the Technowall with an in-built TV and music system. Gone are the lame luggage systems of the past; at the Yotel, a highly efficient robot known as Yobot sorts and stores your luggage.

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, Ibiza

Tech specs: Facebook sharing frenzy

Sitting in the heart of clubbing central, the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel has found a clever way to connect its guests to the online world. Using specially designed wristbands, guests simply have to touch certain sensors to ‘check in’ on Facebook and post photos and status updates. The rooms have mood-matching LED lights and blackout curtains for guests who party just a little too hard!

Hi Hotel in Nice, France

Tech specs: loudspeaker sofas

The Hi Hotel is every fashion followers’ dream come true. Nestled in the heart of Nice, this hotel is effortlessly chic and sophisticated. Created by cool French designer Matali Crasset, the Hi Hotel specialises in futuristic hi-tech furniture. Throw caution to the wind and welcome to a world where sofas are loudspeakers and chairs are old computer screens.

Mama Shelter, Paris, France

Tech specs: 24 inch iMac in every room

Designer Philippe Starck was charged with turning a dusty car lot into a swanky new hotel, and from the rubble Mama Shelter was born. Situated in France’s cosmopolitan capital, this hi-tech hotel is a haven for gadget geeks. All 172 rooms come with a 24 inch iMac that lets you catch up on the latest TV shows, bop to your favourite pop songs and surf the web. The restaurant is dotted with digital tables showcasing various TV channels, while the events room is kitted out with a swanky Bose sound system.

Photo Credit: USB Image by Brandmaier/flickr

Becky is a 21st century tech traveller, so you won’t see her leave home without her iPad. She currently writes for Enjoybedandbreakfast.com, a travel website that offers a selection of bed and breakfasts and guest houses for independent travellers looking for unique and quirky places to stay.

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