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Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Computer

White Laptop With ever-changing technological trends and innovations, making decisions about your next computing device can be a tremendous challenge. You want it to run the essential programs you know and love with ease and grace, but you also don’t want to pay hundreds more for a device that can actually handle much more than the tasks you routinely give it.

We wrote this guide to help you figure out exactly how to do that. Read on.

Piggy Bank

Stay Smart About Personal Finance With These Smartphone Apps

Piggy BankIf you have a smartphone, you already know how useful it is in a myriad of ways. Personal finance is such an integral part of our daily lives; make sure you’re harnessing the power of your phone to keep track of expenses, budgets, and investments. It’s a lifeline in today’s fast-moving world.

Whether you are a seasoned investor, starting out with your first checking account, or somewhere in between, you can probably benefit from tracking your personal finances with a software program. Knowing at a glance just where you stand financially can help you decide whether to give into that impulse purchase, or if you need a payday loan to cover your unexpected care repairs. …

HP Touchpad tablet

Deal of the Week: HP’s New TouchPad, Lenovo 14-inch Gaming Laptop, Monitors & Apps for Cheap

It’s summer 2011 and the battle for the king of tablets just got even more heated.  As announced back in February, HP has released their webOS based TouchPad tablet, bringing the popular underdog mobile OS platform to the tablet world.  This is great news for Pre and webOS fans everywhere as the platform gets a shot at making a comeback (although is it a comeback if you never technically left?).

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon: Their Smartphones with the Best Specs

In the last few years the smartphone market has exploded. New devices seem to come out on each network nearly every month. In general, a good strategy for buying a new smartphone is to buy the highest spec smartphone available at the time in hopes of not being too obsolete until you get another upgrade. Here are the highest spec smartphones on each carrier.

Doggles Sunglasses for Dogs

5 Geeky Products To Pamper Your Pooch in Summer

Doggles Sunglasses for DogsAre pets part of the family? This is an ongoing debate that won’t soon die over. But what isn’t up for debate is how those who love their pets and do consider them part of the family love to spoil them rotten. In the Winter time, when every two legged and four legged creature tends to hibernate, pet owners will spend an arm and a leg to make sure Fido or Princess get their activity and fun time indoors. But come Summer time, there’s no keeping a dotting pet lover from making sure Poodles or Butch get their fun in the Sun.

Let’s take a look below at the different ways to pamper your beloved pooch this Summer.

Laptop on laps

Bring Your Office into Your Bed with Your Laptop

Laptop on laps

It is becoming increasingly common for people to use their laptops in bed when they telecommute. When asked why they bring their laptops in bed, people have a variety of reasons. Some will say, “I’m lazy.” Others simply prefer to lie down while watching their favorite movies online. Still, even more say that they bring their laptops to bed with them because it’s much more comfortable than sitting at a desk.

When doing this, it’s important to make sure that you bring your laptop to bed easily and aren’t harming your laptop, or possibly harming yourself. 

Electric Formula-1 Car in Development

It’s not just regular consumer cars that are going green – race cars are doing it too.

Electric connector manufacturer FCI has just signed a partnership with Formulec in order to sponsor a Formula One electric car race. According to its website, Formulec’s mission statement is “to promote motor racing of tomorrow through new and ambitious technological solutions.” To achieve this goal, Formulec took the first step of designing and building an electric version of the Formula 1 race car. Known as the EF01, this car was built in conjunction with the consulting firm of Segula Technologies and the Formula 1 team for Mercedes GP Petronas.

Weekly Deals: HP Dm1z, Lenovo IdeaPad S205, HDTVs & Apps for Cheap

This week’s deal features the new breed of netbooks that are light in weight but not on performance, unlike previous Atom-based machines that you could almost hear crying in pain as you tortured tasked it with streaming a YouTube video. Terrible analogy aside, here are the deals:

assassin master logo

Assassin Master Adds ‘Real’ Firepower to Your Smartphone

assassin master logoAugmented reality shooters are starting to get big, but none of them are quite like Assassin Master for iPhone and Android. May Contain Nuts Inc, an award-winning digital agency, has created a safe, easy and enjoyable way to rid yourself of stress. With this app, you can ‘blow your adversaries away’ with ease.

Apple's podcasting icon

The History of the Podcast and its Ties to RSS Feeds

Apple's podcasting iconWhen the iPod was introduced and people discovered how great it was for playing music, it became obvious that it could be used for playing other types of audio files as well.

What is today called a podcast traces its origins to a form of distributed MP3 files that could be downloaded and played on Apple’s popular music player. Some hackers got their hands on an iPod, reverse engineered it and loaded on it different firmware and operating systems. Others, however, took the simpler route of sharing sound files that could be played on the iPod itself.

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