3 Ways to Use Your Smartphone’s Camera When Traveling

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Many people leave their gorgeous smartphones at home when heading to other countries and/or take cheap phones so that they don’t risk losing them. But have you thought about how your smartphone, especially its camera, could help you out when you travel?

Here’s how and when your phone’s camera (especially if it’s a good 8 Megapixel camera say on one of the latest Samsung phones or the new iPhone 4S) can be useful to you.

1. Use your smartphone’s camera to take a photo of your bags especially if you’re going to travel by air. If your bag is lost in the airport, you can show the photo to the airport staff, which is much simpler than trying to remember and describe it accurately. I’ve found myself in just this situation a couple of times, and this tip has always helped me save much time and energy.

2. If you’re staying in a country where you’re not familiar with the language, it’s a good idea to take a photo of your hotel. I always had a problem finding my hotel after I went somewhere far on foot, and asking the locals didn’t work either, especially if they didn’t speak English well. But you could definitely show them or perhaps a taxi driver the photo and gesture ‘where’!

3. If you’re terrible with remembering numbers, take a shot of the hotel room door (or write it down in the virtual notebook of your phone). That way, you won’t have to ask the front desk what room you’re staying in the next time you forget!

What are your tips for using your smartphone for more productive and/or fun travel?


Amelia Hunter is a blogger who loves reading and writing about the newest technologies, especially her favorites: HTC and Samsung mobile phones.

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