Ringtone-Making Made Free And Easy: 6 Free Ringtone-Making Apps For Your Phone And Computer

One of the longest continuing trends in mobile phones is the personalization of ringtones. Now that modern smartphones are as good as computers, you can make any song your own personal ringtone. Moreover, you will not have to buy these ringtones. You can make them for free with free apps. Read on to find out more.

Free Ringtone Making Apps For Windows

AV RingtoneMAX

AV RingtoneMax has one screen where you load your favorite music or audio file to edit into a ringtone. Other than cutting out the exact part you like with the help of a visual waveform, you can also add effects like fade-in and -out, 3D sound, etc. You can even mix two tracks together. And since it is very easy to use, it is a perfect app for beginners. It supports WAV, MP3, CDA, OGG, WMA, AAC, M4A and MP4. You can use the built in recorder to record any sound that you want and make or mix that in to your ringtone.


Audacity is full-fledged audio editing software that is available for free for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It has a lot of advanced features but making a simple ringtone on it is pretty straightforward. Open the audio file that you want to use inside Audacity. When the file opens, you will see the waveform of the sound. Select the portion you want as your ringtone, then you can directly export that part as an MP3 regardless of original format – just go to File > Export As Mp3. If you want to add fades, effects and mix it in with other tracks, you can copy and paste the selection in a new file and work on it.

Free Ringtone Making Apps For Mac

iTunes 10

iTunes 10 no longer has the ‘make ringtone’ feature but you can still make ringtones with it for free. All you have to do is choose a song, go to its information and then change the start and stop times to match the part that you want as a ringtone. Now right click on it and choose ‘create aac version’. Then go to the new file, change the extension to ‘.m4r’ and open it into iTunes after deleting the previous reference to it within iTunes. When you do this, it will automatically get imported as a ringtone, ready for syncing. It works on both iTunes for Windows and Mac.


GarageBand is a powerful piece of music-making software that has a useful feature where you can export your work as a ringtone directly into iTunes. To make a ringtone, drag the audio file into a new empty project. Then cut out a 30-40 second part that you want as your ringtone. Make sure to apply ‘cycle region’ on it to make the ringtone repeat itself when the phone rings. Then go to the ‘share’ menu and choose to share as ringtone. If you are already used to GarageBand then you can also add in extra beats, sounds and other things to your ringtone or make your ringtone from scratch. GarageBand comes free with all new Macs.

Free Ringtone Making App For iPhone

Ringtone Maker Pro (by Mobile17)

Ringtone Maker is a super simple ringtone-making app that can take any audio file from your phone’s music library and turn it into a ringtone. Once you load a track in to the app from the start screen, you will see a small waveform view with a slider on it. You can drag this to decide where the ringtone starts. Below it you have the length selection, which decides how long the ringtone goes on for from the starting point. Below that is the play button for hearing what your ringtone looks like and also the create ringtone button that saves the ringtone. Additionally, the app recommends popular start positions from its user base.

Free Ringtone Making App For Android

MP3 Ringtone Maker (by LuckyStar)

MP3 Ringtone Maker is a easy to use app that can be used to make free ringtones. It can also assign sounds as alarms, notifications or to contacts. The app’s start screen allows you search through the songs on your phone, go to the sound library or go to the ringtone editor. Once you have entered the editor, you see a large, zoomed in view of the waveform of the selected song. There are start and end markers that you can drag across the screen to make your selection. It has a play button and forwards/backwards skipping buttons. After finishing, save the sound with the save button and use it as a ringtone or some other alert.

Free Online Ringtone Making App


Melofania is an easy to use web app that allows you to upload your audio file on to the website and then use the in-browser tools to edit a portion of the file in to a ringtone. It also shows you the waveform to make things easier. You can choose either mp3 (most phones) or m4r (iPhone) format for download. The website also has free ringtones of popular tunes up for grabs.

So whether you are looking for an easy app or a fully featured one – you have a lot to choose from when it comes to making ringtones for free. No matter which phone or computer you are on, you will always have multiple free options for making the ringtone that you have always wanted.

Dimitrie Marinescu is a third year engineering student from Romania who apart from programming and gadgets, loves mountain biking.


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