Your Detailed Guide to Safe Online Shopping

From 2002 to 2011, online e-commerce sales have quadrupled to $256B, and an estimated 47% of consumers purchased their holiday items online in 2011. These numbers have been trending upward for over a decade and you are probably one of those online shoppers if you’re reading this article. This howto explains how you can be a safe online shopper.

Ringtone-Making Made Free And Easy: 6 Free Ringtone-Making Apps For Your Phone And Computer

One of the longest continuing trends in mobile phones is the personalization of ringtones. Now that modern smartphones are as good as computers, you can make any song your own personal ringtone. Moreover, you will not have to buy these ringtones. You can make them for free with free apps. Read on to find out more.

White Laptop

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Computer

White Laptop With ever-changing technological trends and innovations, making decisions about your next computing device can be a tremendous challenge. You want it to run the essential programs you know and love with ease and grace, but you also don’t want to pay hundreds more for a device that can actually handle much more than the tasks you routinely give it.

We wrote this guide to help you figure out exactly how to do that. Read on.

How to Download from Usenet

If you’re like most people, you have no idea what Usenet is. You’d probably be surprised to learn that Usenet is more than 30 Years old and more popular than ever.

On Usenet you can find everything from indie musicians who want to promote their bands to hobby photographers’ sharing some of their shots with the world. And you will even find GNU licensed software like the VLC Player or Winzip. But that’s not all. With more than 800 Terabytes (819,200 GB) you will find virtually anything you´re looking for on Usenet.

You need three things to start downloading from Usenet (server access, newsreader & search engine).

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