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Gift Guide for Geeks

Do you have someone on your gifting list with particular taste in all things Geek?  If so, the Geeks have your gifting playbook depending on your level of investment (how much money do you want to spend?).  Below are some great gift ideas under $50, under $100, under $200 and over $200 but you can […]

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Review: Klingg Magnetic Earphone Cable Holder


Are you tired yet of your headphones bouncing up and down and everywhere when you’re at the gym or on your bike or running? Instead of putting it down my shirt and out the bottom like I do, try out a Klingg earphone magnet. Klinggs are a fairly straightforward, lightweight 2-piece accessory that secures your […]

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Review: r.pod Portable Solar Battery Pack and USB Charger with High Flux LED Flashlight

Here’s another entrant to the portable backup battery market, this one from Korean company Misemet. There are a couple of quirks to this one that makes it stand out: it comes with a solar panel to charge the battery pod, and the pod itself contains an LED flashlight. Yup, the flashlight part is definitely quirky. […]

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Review: Philips Sonicare Essence Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Essence electric toothbrush

I’ve been using a Philips Sonicare Essence electric toothbrush for a few months now; here are my thoughts on it. My beloved Oral-B Triumph 9400 died after a long 6 years. I think it was because the hermetic seal broke and some moisture got in. But I have no regrets, it was well worth the […]

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Review: OHSO Ultimate Travel Toothbrush Review

I have never been a fan of travel or disposable toothbrushes so when I came across OHSO’s “Ultimate Travel Toothbrush”, I had to give the toothbrush a try. I received a couple samples of this ultimate travel toothbrush to try and spent about a month with the product on several trips. The OHSO toothbrush comes […]

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FitFlop Shoes Tone Your Muscles As You Walk


Could the FitFlop be the world’s first smart shoe, without actually containing any technology? Fitflop use their own system of changing the amount of material at the front, middle and back of the shoe to help your body out. They claim that wearing their shoe increases your leg and bottom muscle activity by up to […]

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Review: NightWave Sleep Assistant

NightWave Sleep Assistant

Here’s another product that joins the growing ranks of sleep aid gadgets. The NightWave Sleep Assistant is a small box smaller than a deck of cards that produces an upward-projected blue light that fades in and out at a certain frequency and is meant to calm your breathing, thoughts and help you fall asleep faster. […]

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USB Stick Analyzes Air Quality, Detects VOCs, Protects Your Health


Most breathing conditions are made worse by poor air quality, but if you’re inside you can simply improve the air quality by opening a window. Knowing when the air quality is bad is an issue – today’s gizmo is a very simple-to-use air quality tester. All you do is you plug the USB stick into […]

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Stomach Pacemaker Reduces Food Intake


A new gadget recently approved for use in Britain, and designed in California, helps you lose weight by acting as a pacemaker to your stomach. Recently trialled in Germany and yielding successful results, this ‘stomach pacemaker’ acts in a very similar way to a heart pacemaker – when you have eaten food, the stomach pacemaker […]

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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor App for iOS


Whether you’ve got a medical condition that means you need to check your blood pressure regularly, or you simply like to keep an eye on it, the iOS Blood Pressure Monitor is for you. This blood pressure monitor is a compact device that can be plugged into any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and […]

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